Luna - Angels

"Luna!" I spin to my voice pausing on my way out of the gate. "We've been looking for you all day" Reza pants coming up to stand in front of me with..... Roxanna, commonly known as Rox.

"Hey, guys" I say. "Sorry... I've had a rough-"

I pause seeing the Sparkling red wings on her back. "Oh" I say having after gawk at her wings for a while.

"Didn't you say you had an Angel book? One that your Dad left you" Reza says.

"Yeah, Vesna's Mum has the Key to it..... We're actually ahead of you. I had a..... situation in Gym" I say remebering the fading pure white sparkling wings.

"Look at this" Reza says handing over a sheet. I take it and look down at it.

"Quite accurate. Not totally but" I shrug. "Oh and stop judging me Reza"

"What?" She says confused.

"I have telepathy" I say handing back the sheet. I avoid letting my fingers touch hers. Something I learnt at lunch. If I touch a person its much easier to read their mind. Its the same with there eyes if I mentally push while staring into the person's eyes I can easily access someone's mind.

Thats how I discovered what Eric's getting me for out aniversary. I love it!

"That's cool" Rox says.

"When will you get the book?" Reza asks. I shrug, slight sadness filling me.

"I don't know but while me and Vesna are working to get it. You could check out the archives, supposedly there are some sightings in there not that detailed" I say shrugging.

"How do you kno-"

"I read the Libarians mind as well as several teachers as soon as me and Vesna worked out what had happened in gym. We spent most of the day scouting the school" I say shrugging.

"Must of been going different ways" Rox says.

"So we split up and gather together tommorow at lunch? Me and Vesna see each other tonight cause we're doing a double date" I say smiling.

"Okay" Reza says nodding.

We say good bye then I'm off down the street. Time to get out that book.

The End

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