Vesna - Get Explaining

I wander up to Mum while she makes tea.

"Mum?" I ask


"Can I borrow your necklace?"

"Which one?"

"The one with the key on it - I mean, I know it's your favourite but none of mine match what I want to wear" I say as innocently as possible.

"No. I don't want it getting lost. Where are you going anyway?"

"On a double date" oops.

"A date?"

"Yes. With Michael"

"You didn't tell me you had a boyfriend"

"Didn't I? I mean, I know. We wanted to make sure before we told anybody" I tell her truthfully.

"Hmm. And you said double date"

"Yeah. With Luna and Eric"

"Oh, OK. But I get the feeling that's not why you want to borrow my necklace" she says. I'll never get around her. So, I decide to tell her.

"Well actually, I was kinda building up to ask you if you knew something. You know. Like why I can make daisies grow in the space of ten seconds, and why the birds say 'home' and 'nest' and 'food' now instead of just 'tweet, tweet'. Oh yeah, and since when does the fish tell me it's hungry?"

"Ah" she whispers "I see"

"Mum, I think you've got of a lot of explaining to do. I suggest you start now" I fold my arms and wait.

The End

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