Luna: Gym

I enjoy gym class thats why I signed up for it. I jump up gripping the bar and begin to swing. Everyone else is practicing on the vault.

I can do that easy thats why miss allowed me to go to the bars. Plus, I need some time to think. Surely this morning plus that time down the hall wasn't just a coincidence.

I mean come on  thoughts streaming into your head that you know you heard and you also know that you can't be crazy. I mean I'm depressed about my Dad dieing but while I miss him loads I know he wouldn't want me to spirel into crazyness at his loss.

I also know that he wouldn't want me to spend time with Vesna but does that stop me? Aparrantly not since I'm with her so often.

The only other person I spend so much time with is Eric but thats cause he's my boyfriend. Also my Dad loved Eric I remember the first thing he said to me about him. "Don't lose this one girl he really cares for you"

Crap, I'm crying. I try and swing to the next bar but I know I've Misjudge and I'm going to fall. Then I feel a force of wind from my back and sort of like the sound of wings.

Then suddenly..... I haven't misjudged. I'm gripping the bar looking back just to see something fading bbehind me. Something that came from me.

I look across the room at Vesna and realise her body is tense and is turned towards me. Yet, she doesn't know why. I can see it in her mind the confusion.

Wait..... I'm in her mind!

Wow, I real am a telepath. I find my self probing her mind gently while casually swinging on the bars occasionally going all the way round.

Then I find the reason she turned suddenly. It was an innternal instinct. Just like I now discovered it seems to be mine to make sure she's safe but no........ Not only us two...... Three others.

Then I hit an end having to pull back in exaustion. I let go of the bar landing on the floor on my feet.

"That's the end of class everybody" As soon as the words are out of the coaches mouth Vesna's across the room and trying too breath in front of me.

"Did you feel that?" She gasps.

"Feel what?" I ask.

"I saw something on your back and it made me suddenly feel protective and the ground shook" She whisper.

Now I think about it. "Somethings going on and I think it has something to do with your mum having the key to the angel book my dad gave me in his will"

The End

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