I finished class without any more incidents, probably because the others didn't let me do anything that had a mild danger hazard for the rest of the experiment.  When the bell rang we cleared away and the four of us walked out together, Jasper wrapping his arm around me.

'I've got to go.'  He leaned in and gave me a long kiss.  'I'll see you at our usual spot after school.'  I nodded and he walked away.

'You miss him already don't you.'  Re teased as I walked down the corridor to my next lesson.

'OK so I miss him when he isn't around.'  I admitted.  'Is that a crime?'

'No it's just really cute.  I mean you guys have been going out forever so...'  It was true, Jasper and I had known each other since we were tiny and had progressed from friendship to something a lot more.

'With Jasper it feels like it's forever.'  I sighed, knowing the misty look I got when I thought about Jasper was creeping onto my face.

'Yeah alright, wake up love-bird it's time to learn.'  I shook my head and smiled at Re.  She was such a good friend to me, I was always the one complaining and she always listened to me.

'I've got to go to the bathroom, tell Miss Fitz I'll be there in a minute.'  Re nodded and walked off in the general direction of our next class as I pushed open the door that led into the girls bathroom.  I went to the sink to check my appearance in the mirror, sorting out my hair and making sure my make-up hadn't smudged.

I turned on the tap to wash my hands and as I lowered my hands into the sink the water curved towards me.  I took my hands away and it went back to normal.  That's odd I thought.  I put my hands back in under flow of water and nothing happened.  You need to get some more sleep Rox.  I turned the tap off, dried my hands and picked up my shoulder bag before heading out of the bathroom, the incident totally forgotten.

The End

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