Luna - Pair ups

"Sooo" I say skipping up to Vesna. "You and Mike" I sing.

She blushes and I laugh. "How long and don't deny it. I know you've been dating longer than I've know" I say smiling.

"Um, a while now" She says begining out of the classroom.

"That's great" I squeal hooking my arm through hers. "Oh, we should plan a double date. Too the cinema. Oh, A romatic comedy"

I pretend to swoon and Vesna laughs. Then I feel a tickle at my ribs. I jump squeal and Eric picks me up. "Put me down" I laugh. Vesna's laughing as well and Eric slowly lowers me down. "Not funny"

"It was and you know it" He says tilting up my chin and leaning down to kiss me.

"Soo Lovely"  "Why Can't he be mine?"  "Why she the lucky one?"  "I wish I was her"

As I pull back I look around but everyone's silent and I have a strange feeling that non of those were spoke aloud. Maybe not even spoke but thought.

I shiver. "You okay?" Eric asks and I nod. "Anyway what about double dating?"

"You and Me with Vesna and Mike" I sing skipping.

"Really?" Eric says raising an eyebrow at Vesna.

"Sing it to the whole world why don't you Luna?" Its meant to be angry but she can't keep the happiness out of her voice.

"Ahh" I sigh. "Young love"

"You're still young" Vesna points out.

"Yes, But I have been dating Eric two years exactly in two days" I say then I turn to Eric. "Gift?"

"Check" He says smiling. I squeal happily.

"I got your's too" I say resting my head against his side letting him put and arm round my shoulder.

"You two are unbelievable" Vesna says laughing.

"Yeah, I'm just glad she's cheered up from this morning" Eric says kissing the top of my head.

Yeah..... Cheered up.

The End

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