I pulled my jet-black hair off my face and into a messy bun as the teacher handed out goggles and gloves.  I put my goggles on over my normal glasses and pulled a face at Reza who stifled her laugh as Mr Brown looked directly at us.

'It's nice to see you are taking my class seriously Miss Morton.'  I looked sheepishly down at the table but I could feel Jasper's body shaking as he stood behind me.

'Sorry sir.'  I mumbled, trying not to join in with the rest of my group and laugh.

'Yes, well.'  Mr Brown regained control of the situation by setting us all off on our experiment.  I had no idea what we were doing, I was not the scientific type dispite my intellectual appearance.  I let the others do the work and pretended to be contributing.

'So are you coming round my place later?'  Jasper whispered in my ear as I was measuring chemicals into a beaker.

'Why do you have something special planned?'  I smiled suggestively at him.

'Well the parents aren't around so I thought we could have a romantic night in.  You, me, a soppy rom-com and a bowl of popcorn.  What do you say?'

'I say-'

'Miss Morton!  Watch what you are doing with that.'  I looked down into the beaker and realised it was about to overflow with hydrochloric acid.

'Oh God!'  I stopped pouring and started dithering, not knowing what to do.  I couldn't pour it back in because it would go everywhere but I couldn't take it back to my table because it would spill knowing my clumsiness.

'Give that to me Roxanna, I'll sort it out.'  Mr Brown took the bottle of acid from me and started to pour the excess back into the bottle from the beaker.  He didn't spill a drop.  'There you go, you should have the right amount there.'

'Thanks sir.'  I smiled gratefully and carefully carried the beaker back to our bench where Re was standing giggling.  'Not one word,' I warned.  Re made a motion like she was zipping her lips closed.

The End

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