Vesna - The Spring Angel

The flowers in the school garden grow rapidly as I watch them blow in the wind through my classroom window. I look away quickly, surely daisies don't grow that fast...

"Vensa, you seem to have taken a sudden interest in my lesson. What did I just say?"

"Uhhh..." I struggle, having not heard a word my English teacher had said.

"Shakespeare" Michael mutters under his breath.

"Oh, erm. Our next topic is on Shakespeare?"

"Yes. You're very lucky you had Michael there to help you. He gets you out of a fair few detentions young lady" Sir turns back to the board. 

"Thanks" I whisper to Mike. He smiles and squeezes my hand. Then, when he thinks no-one's looking, he kisses my forehead. Hmm... the back of the classroom is a good place to be, everyone faces the front. Well, most do anyway. I see Luna raise an eyebrow at me from the front of the room. 

Ah. See, no-one knows that me and Michael go out yet. Ah well. I guess it's time to tell people. I nod slightly then look out of the window again. And the daisies start growing again.

The End

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