Reza - The Summer Angel

"Hey, Rox, watch," I say, passing my hand through the safety flame of the bunsen burner.

"Oh come on, Re, the teacher can do that," she says.

"Yeah? Well, what about this?" I say, turning the burner onto the blue heating flame. Roxanna gasps.

"You're insane, you'll burn your hand off!" she exclaims, her gasp growing wider as I stick my fingers into the blue flame and then show her the unblemished skin.

"How do you do that?" she breathes.

"I dunno," I reply. I honestly don't, but it's cool. 

I turn the safety flame back on as the teacher walks past. He raises his eyebrow then goes to the front of the class.

"Right," he says, writing on the interactive whiteboard as he speaks. "You are going to get into groups and perform the experiment I am writing. Gemma and Emily, you are with Graham and Evan. Roxanna and Reza, you are with Jasper and Adam..."

"What's with the teacher today?" Roxanna asks me.

"What do you mean? This groups perfect," I reply.

"That's the point."


"Never mind," she says, as Jasper sits down. I smile as Adam quickly kisses my cheek while the teacher's looking the other way.

The End

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