Luna - The Starlight Angel

"Bye mum" I yell running out of the house. My starlight wavy hair flowing behind me.

"Hey, wait lady" She shouts after me but I'm down the pathway out the gate and jumping into my boyfriends car.

"Hey, babe" Eric says then kisses me. I kisses him back pulling back sooner than normal. I gaze at my perfect boyfriend with my weird eyes that sometime change from light blue to pure white full of rainbow colours.

"Drive we're late" I say. He shrugs then steps on the gas.

I slump back sighing heavily. "Boy, things at home really aren't going well"

"Did you say something?" I say turning to look at him.

"No, babe" He says shaking his head and looking at me sympathetically. I know why.

Things have been going bad at home since dad died. All he left for me was an ancient book on guardian angels that any person of god would call a 'complete book of lies'.

Yeah, thanks Dad. A book on Angel is really going to help me in life. I sigh. No, I really do miss my Dad. He was the best.

He took me everywhere in britan when I was young then took me to places in europe when I was older.

"Here we are" Eric says as he pulls into a spot. He slides out his side and quickly moves to mine to offer me a hand to get up.

"Thank you" I say. He smiles and we begin to walk towards the old school building. Eric slides his arm round my waist keeping me reasured.

"Selfish Cow". I turn looking for the source of the sound. But I see no one...... Its then I see Caroline standing in the window.

She glaring right at me and I know why. Cause she want Eric and I'm with him. But as long as Eric loves me and I love him I wont let her near him.

Although everyones saying it wont last even my best friend has doubts and she's been my best friend since we were children.

Even when my Dad fought with her Mum and wanted to keep us apart. Which would never happen. Not while we had something to say about it.

"Come on, Luna" Eric says pulling me along.

The End

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