Chapter 1Mature


Slits of sunshine crashed through the blinds in my room. The small amount of light accentuated all of the objects in my room with a dull yellow glow. I was the type of girl who liked the dark; I didn't like the pitch black. It was a fear I had inherited or something when I turned seventeen, which was two months ago.

I glanced at the digital clock that stood on my bedside table. It was half five in the afternoon. My day had been filled with school, which also erupted into a detention as well. I had no time to myself, so I was going to enjoy my miniscule amount of free time the best way I knew how - the wierdest way I could.

Three knocks rapped on my door, so I walked up and swung it open to reveal my mother standing in the doorway. My mother was a pretty woman; blue eyes, light brown ringlets that fall to her shoulders, and laugh lines surrounding her eyes and mouth.

"Hun, you've gotta get ready," she said in a voice that had a small childish ring to it. "Your aunt and uncle are already waiting, get dressed, and I'l see you downstairs." She ordered, and left with a small smile.

I sighed and got dressed in my best outfit and went downstairs. My mother was ready to go; coat on, bag over shoulder. I snatched my small bag and walked out of the door, following my mum into the car.

When we got to the restaraunt, I saw him. His blue eyes and curly black hair; he was... beautiful.

The End

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