Guardian AngelsMature

*Warning! I think the Prologue of this story may be a bit scary. Just a warning (I'm gonna mark it as mature as well)*

Caitlin Grimmie wasn't popular at all. She was a rock chick, and an outcast. No one got why she'd dyed her hair red, just like the lead singer of her favourite band. No one got why she liked to wear arm length, fingerless gloves.
No one liked her. Well, not until she met Justin Scott, the new kid, who seemed to have all of the popular girls hypnotised, sure he was incredibly


I couldn't see. Darkness won over my vision, and blinded me. I didn't know what was going to happen, where he was. Him - the man who had chased me through the cemetery that was nestled into the small countryside of Cornwall. It was pitch black, and I was in a mausoleum.

It couldn't get worse. I heard footsteps outside the door, creating a regular, monotonous sound.Tap, tap, tap. He took one step a second, and when he got to the door, I closed my eyes. I didn't want to see his face; his ugly, misshapen face. The iron gate creaked open slowly, breaking the silence of the dead.

I dared to look up, but he wasn't facing me. I didn't think he could see me.

Until he slowly turned his head.

His blue eyes instantly fell upon me in my tiny, dark hiding place. A sneer flashed on his face, revealling two sets of yellow, wonky teeth.

This was it, I was a gonner. I was my mother's only child; her one son. And she'll never see me again.

 He stretched his arm out, showing me the gleamy shard of metal he had fashioned; the crude blade would surely hurt.

I heard the knife connect with my chest before I felt it.

The End

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