"I wasn't really sure what I was going to do."

I knocked my head slowly against the wall. "So you called me all the way out here because on a whim you thought that maybe, possibly, you might just do something stupid?"

"I didn't mean to call you though?" Jules framed it as a question and raised one slender brow. Even that motion failed to make him seem like he had any sort of brain.

"Do you have any idea what a call puts me through? No, no, you probably don't." I was always testy after a surge. The energy rush left my body feeling drained and tired. All I wanted was to sink into the carpet and never have to get up.

His eyes widened. "Don't you live out on the Thunder Track?"

"Oh, woah, the bully knows where the wacko's house is. How incredibly suspicious." I gave in to my dreams of soft carpet scratches and rug burn, dropping to the floor with a light thud. 

"But the Thunder Track is miles away!"

"Quite the genius, aren't you, Jules? And it's kilometres. We use the metric system here as you should well know." Speaking from a position sprawled out on the floor doesn't look as imposing as standing but my body screamed for rest so I gave up a small amount of my pride.

The Thunder Track, a long winding road on the edge of town, was known as such because it edged on the train tracks and, somehow, had no other official name. I'd gotten use to the rumbling of the transport and passenger trains as they chugged past in the night but many in the town hated even walking down that street.

"Fine. Kilometres." I could tell he was rolling his eyes at me. "You can go now." he said.

"Yea, how 'bout, no? Never know when accidents may occur." I tried to pack as much sarcasm and attitude into that one statement. I really didn't want him noticing that I didn't have the strength left to get off the floor. That was how the rushes worked.

The End

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