:~:Guardian Angel:~:

i wrote this my freshman year in high school for an English assignment and i really liked it. after i wrote it, i really did start to open up more and i felt as though i really did have a guardian angel. it's not much but it means a lot to me. hope you like it

I would like to take this time to talk about my best friend. His name was Rei and he was my guardian angel. When in his human form, he held a beauty that even surpassed the Greek gods. His hair was deep ebony and his skin was golden. My favorite thing about him was his eyes. They shone like emeralds and could pierce even my darkest fears. Rei always wore the same clothes, faded blue jeans and a black tee-shirt. He stood just over six feet tall and his wings were pure black and made of feathers as soft as silk.

Rei kept his hair long and shaggy because he knew that was how I liked it. When he would change into his animal form, a wolf, the fur that covered his body was the same shade as his hair and was long and soft. His wolf form always showed off Rei’s personality. We would play together for hours wrestling, running, swimming, or just laying and watching the sky.

When in his human form though, those feelings were hidden. He was always tall and strong, protecting me from danger. Yet there was always a light dancing in his eyes as if the wolf inside him was about to jump out at any moment.

The best thing my angel ever did for me was bring joy back into my life. He taught me to relax, speak out, and have fun. Without Rei, I never would have become who I am today. Those hours spent together made me appreciate life as it is. I miss him now that he is gone but he will forever live on in my dreams and in my heart. He completed his task; I always knew that I could trust in him to protect me, even if it did destroy him. Rei was my guardian, my hero, and, most importantly, my friend.

The End

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