Kiyomi, a teenage girl who recently lost her family and got into the wrong business steals a microchip. After stealing the chip he receives an email from her so-called "Guardian" who claims he protects her as her older brothers asked him to before they passed away.

Kiyomi kicked one of the men in the knee breaking his knee cap. As he went to grab his leg she forced her knee into his head causing him to black out. The other man stood in shock of Kiyomi's power and strength, but didn't back down. He held his fists up to his head like a pro wrestler. Kiyomi ran towards him and kicked towards his head, but got blocked. She spun the other way around kicking him in the side of his stomach. She flipped backwards, picked up a rock while in the hand stop position during her flip and threw it as she got back up and turned around. The rock had only grazed the side of the mans head at the height of his eyes. 
The man and Kiyomi ran towards each other commencing into a serious fight. The man pushed Kiyomi onto the ground picking up a knife that had earlier been dropped before Kiyomi knocked out the mans partner. He pointed the knife facing down to Kiyomi who was still on the ground. 

Kiyomi clicked her teeth with a "tch" and said "To think I bought new jeans just to get them dirty and bloody all over again. You and your partner will be paying for the dry cleaning." The man started laughing at what she had said and responded with "look who is on the ground. Look who has the knife. My boss forbids me from killing you but I'm still on top here." She kicked the mans foot out from under him causing him to hit his head on the ground ending up just like his partner. Kiyomi got up took the breif case that the men had been guarding and walked off. "OH GOSH! I forgot the suits." She turns around going back to the men taking off the nice (expensive) suits and shoes. Kiyomi looked at one of the men's pair of glasses that had not been damaged "these should make a lil money." She then walked out of the alley with the breif case, suits and glasses.  

"Hmm? She's a lot stronger then I thought" said Guardian observing her on top of the buildings alley Kiyomi had just walked out of.

The End

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