The questions streamed out of my mouth, who was this strange boy? What had happened in the forest. But what I really wanted to ask was where had Draco gone.

He answered that one too, claiming to be Draco himself. Before I could fully comprehend this, he pulled me into a hug. I tried to calm down my breathing. Draco was a guy? None of this was making sense.

How?” I whispered,

It's a long explanation” he replied, not letting me leave his arms. Not that I wanted to, I felt safe here.

Your a dragon that can turn human, I already know its a long explanation” I said with a small laugh. I felt his chest moving as he laughed with me.

The door opened and we both looked up as Mum walked in, bags in hand.

I had to guess your size” she said, handing Draco one of the bags. I wondered what was in the other, and why mum was being so freakishly calm about everything.

Mum, are you okay?” I asked, leaving Dracos embrace

I'm fine dear” Mum said before letting out a sigh, “He warned me this would happen eventually, though I admit I was surprised by the boy”

He?” I asked with raised eyebrows. Mum hesitated, running a hand through her hair.

Your father honey”

Not to interrupt an important conversation, but where can I get changed?” Draco said, Mum pointed upstairs.

First door on the left” she said, Draco rushed upstairs, almost tripping on a few steps.

Let me get this straight, my father, the jackass that abandoned us. Knew all this crazy and weird stuff was going to happen?” I said

Well, he knew it was a possibility, I mean he said there had been halves before, but never one with a parent of his kind” She said with a shrug. Okay I definitely missed something here.

Halves? His kind? Mum you suck at explaining stuff” I said

Half human, half his kind, and he never told me exactly what that was” Mum replied, moving towards the stairs. I opened my mouth to reply.

We need to pack” Mum said before I could speak, I followed her to my room.

Why?” I asked, she ignored me as she concentrated on shovelling things into my suitcase.

Mum, answer me!” I exclaimed, everything was making no sense, suddenly I'm only half human. Suddenly Draco was real, suddenly my mum was talking about my dad.

We need to pack because now that your aware your half, you can't stay here. There's a place that'll take care of you. You'll learn whatever abilities you have and maybe track down your father” Mum finally said, sitting on the bed. I sat down next to her.

There isn't a simple explanations today, is there?” I said, not adding that I had no intention on finding my dad.

Not from me, that boy might have one though” I gave her a are-you-stupid look and we both laughed. I heard the bathroom door open, guess he was dressed. Though from the looks of it, it had been a struggle to actually get the cloths on. Guess dragons didn't really worry about knowing how to dress.

The End

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