Oh myMature

I watched in horror as Draco was struck and one look at the strange man's face told me he had caused it. I wanted to yell, scream, kick him do anything. Then the guy ran to where Draco was and I realised with horror he was trying to drown him. I could feel the tears brimming and the frustration of being useless grow.

Get away from him!” I screamed, closing my eyes and feeling a strange warm feeling course through my body. When I opened my eyes I saw that the guy was sprawled on the floor and looked in pain. He let out a weak cough and studied me for a few seconds.

First one to awaken in almost five-hundred years” he said, shaking his head like the thought of what he just said was amusing.

Go!” I yelled at him, deciding I didn't give a damn about anything he said. He let out a little laugh and got up slowly, wincing every few seconds.

As you wish” he said, then he was gone, he just proofed out of existence. But I didn't have time to worry about the weird guy or about whatever it was I had just done to the weird guy. I ran to where Draco had been and found-

Oh my” I said, turning so my back was faced to him. Because in Draco's place was a very passed out and very naked boy. After a few seconds I turned around to face the boy, thinking if I didn't think about it I could carry him home. Nope, couldn't be ignored.

I ran as fast as I could home, knowing mum would be back by now.

Mum!” yelled the moment I threw the front door open. She appeared from the kitchen and saw my dishevelled state.

Are you okay?” she asked, her eyes wide and her mouth parted.

No time to explain, just help me!” I pleaded.

She hesitated then gave me a small nod and I led the way. It didn't take us long to get the boy laying on out sofa. Mum surprisingly didn't ask any questions and instead decided to go to the shops to buy cloths for the boy. I got a blanket and put it on him, noticing two odd slits down his back, I also took in his striking red hair, the same red as Draco's scales. But rather than poking and prodding the strange naked boy I just ran upstairs to take a shower. How I wished this day could end and everything could go back to normal. What had that guy said though,


I got the feeling this living nightmare wasn't going to end anytime soon.

I was just getting out the shower when I heard a loud thump downstairs. I leaned over the bannister and saw the boy had woken up.

Give me ten minutes!” I yelled down before running to my room and getting dry and changed. I hope he had a good explanation for everything, cause I sure as hell didn't

The End

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