A Force of NatureMature

I towered above the both of them displaying my dominance. I let out a primal roar sending a shock wave all around us. I could feel the rage building inside me at thought of Mia coming to any harm. He glared at me with his red eyes as if he was the devil himself. It was obvious that he was aware of my presence unlike other. But nothing was going to deter me from my objective. It was kill or be killed. I charged forward, leaping into the air lunging with my claws. He moved at the last second and they dug into the ground. I was in a state of blind fury, a side which Mia has never seen before. I caught a glimpse of her cowering next to a tree.

I must remain focused, this creature is like nothing I’ve ever faced before. The overcast weather began to shift, a storm was coming. I could sense that my enemy was the one provoking it. He circled the area and his eye began to glow. Darkness began to fall as well as the rain. Before long the ground of the forest became a swamp and made movement difficult. My large body was getting trapped and sinking. It was obvious I had to take to flight. He used the forest as cover, which was blocking my view. But I would bring this whole forest down to save Mia. I set my sight on him and dived down to attack only for a lightning strike to attack and pierce my wing. I crash landed into the swamp in unbearable pain. My wing was shattered. He casually walked up to me laughing, ready to deal his final strike. I was helpless at the bottom of a ditch unable to move. He was trying to drown me as the water level was rising. I heard a loud scream but was unable to make out what had happened. My vision darkened and slowly passed out.

The End

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