It was already getting dark when I waved goodbye to my friends and entered the greenery of the forest. I couldn't help but breath in the soft, dewy smell of the trees around me. I quickly reached the clearing where I usually spent a few minutes with Draco. But once again I was met with disappointment. I'd had days like this with Draco before, but it was happening more often. Part of me worried it was me growing up and losing my imaginary friend.

Didn't expect to find a half-breed around here” A male voice said from behind me. I spun around to face it's source but he had hidden among the canopy of the trees.

I knew people were always worried someone would use this secluded route to attack people. But I always believed Draco wouldn't let that happen. Which is messed up seeing as my logical mind insists he was made-up by my childish mind years ago.

What do you what? And what the hell is a half-breed?” I said, putting more confidence into my voice than I really had. Hoping he could be scared of. But at my reply heard movement in the leaves, he was moving closer.

I won't answer the first question – might scare you off a bit. But a half-breed is you” He said, purposely being an obscure pain in the butt.

And what is it about me that makes me a half-breed?” Whatever that was I added in my mind. I heard more movement and made my own efforts to move to the side of the clearing that led back home. Then inwardly cursed – leading him to where me and my mum were isolated was properly not the best of ideas. But to go to the other side now would mean walking right in front of him.

Your half-human, and half something else, if you must ask – not that the information is worth anything. Your still helpless” He said, his voice edged. Giving him away and allowing me to avoid his leap towards me. Though how on earth any guy leaps that far and that high in the air is beyond me. He glared at me from where he was crouched low to the ground on the tips of hands and feet. Hands I noticed, that were clawed. The moon - I hadn't even realised it becoming night – showed me another feature I chose to worry about. His eyes were red, the same red from my dreams. I became to much.

Red eyes, clawed hands, a strange creature hiding in the trees. The nightmare that had been bugging me from the moment I hit sixteen. They weren’t just nightmares.

And that sound wasn't just the wind. I heard a beastly yell above me and we both looked up to see Draco – took you long enough, I thought. 

The End

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