The BondMature

Here we go again, back on guardian mountain. The once great elders ruled this mountain. In my opinion, they are shadows of their former selves.
“ Severe the bond” I hear echoing around me. There has never been a guardian to a half breed before. We are unique. But this does not impress the elders, they believe the bond must be pure to carry on the chain. But I have stood by my bond since we were both born together. But now I stand in the center of attention and anger. I look around halls at the council and see their judging eyes stare back. Waiting for my response to their dire request.
“No” I whisper as I turn my back. I will later regret this decision.

I was already running late for mia. I usually wait in the forest now, Keeps me out of the way and out of the eyes of the council for now. But something today was not right. There was a feeling of an overcast shadow in the area. A strange sense that I had not felt in a while. But it felt distance, obscure.

I could hear mia not far from my location, just beyond the river. I made haste to reach her. It was my job to protect her through this bond, both physically and mentally. No one else knows of my presence but my actions can be felt. i was too late however. She had already cleared the forest and was on the way to her school. She was just an average girl, but to me she was everything I live for. I don’t usually follow her to school, but I couldn’t help but be cautious at the feeling I had just had. It may have been nothing, but ive always had the instincts for these things. For now I needed to rest.

The End

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