Closed collab between Cat_Monty and Pilko :)

Story about a girl and her "Imaginary" Dragon friend called Draco :)

Chapter One: Nightmares

The oceans, rivers and the thick liquid dripping from my slender fingers was red, blood red. My hands were porcelain and cold, why was the air so cold? It whipped past me like a storm of icicle’s. My fingernails were grimy with dark dirt, the same color as the opaque hair that caressed my cheeks as it whirled in the wind. I was out in the open. The dark, barren land beneath me. My feet were bare and I could feel the ground moving under me, shifting, changing, evolving. The floor around me shook. And at last I felt the shivers of true fear race through me.

My light blue eyes wide with terror, a contrasting colour to the inky sky above me. The storm clouds were gathering now. Ominous signs of the horror awaiting. The floor sprung forward, sending me hurling onto my back. I cried out as my head hit something hollow. I instinctively turned to look at what, and regretted it. The skull quickly disappeared as the ground opened up and the fiery lights of hell itself met my gaze. Maniac laughter, like a hyenas surrounded me. Twisted creatures drew themselves up onto the ground. Dark crimson eyes on me. I ran, ran until I was certain my lungs would burst. Soon I was past a tree line, if you could call the bare, knurled shapes trees. The ground was moist now, but still no green reassurance met my sight. The vortex above me turned, a dark ruby hue. I stopped in my tracks, one of creatures was here. Though I can’t see it, I’m sure it’s there. My senses tingle, it was hidden amongst the twists and turns of the tall tree before me. I can hear it grunting as it moves closer, closer to me.

I felt the scream rip it’s way through me, but no sound met my ears. I could smell rotting flesh as the spindly fingers wrapped round my throat. Sharp nails dung into the delicate skin of my wrists. I could see it now, more clearly. It’s face was paler than any natural face I’d seen. It’s eyes were a dark brown colour, like rusted copper. All it’s features were sharp, jagged. The thing before me peeled it’s cracked lips into a terrifying grin. It’s mouth pulling away to reveal white, distinct, razor-sharp fangs.

I opened my eyes, my breath coming in sharp, painful gasps. My hair was stuck to my face, and my bed was damp beneath me. My nightdress stuck to me like a second skin. I was drenched in sticky sweat. I slowly pulled myself up, shaking out of my bed. I stood still for a few seconds. Leaning on my windowsill, taking deep breaths. I stared out my window and felt relief wash over me. I was back. I looked at my bedside clock, 5:13 it read. Just what I needed, even less sleep. Ever since I turned sixteen three months ago, I’d had the same dream, each time I got a little further before waking up. This was the first time they’d been fangs. I shivered to shake off the fading memory and fear. When my heartbeat had slowed to a normal rate I tiptoed out my bedroom, down my twisting stairs and past my Mum’s door into the bathroom. I took a long, cold shower to help wake up. When I pulled back the curtain I caught my image in the mirror. My long black hair hung in clumps, dripping. The edges already starting to curl slightly. Meet me, Miranda or Mia for short, the complete and total wreck who's only real friend is an imaginary dragon. You heard me right.

After I got dressed, dried the tangled mess that was my hair and packed my stuff for school I headed downstairs. My mum was already up and making herself coffee, getting ready for another day at the hospital I guess. My mum loved her job as a nurse, but it also tired her out. But that was because she took as much overtime as she could take, she had to seeing as my dad disappeared when I was only six month old. As soon as it was possible I was going to get a part-time job to help out. Though she'd insist I concentrate on school work. I ate my toast, grabbed an apple and hugged my mum goodbye.

Our house was sort of in the middle of nowhere, I mean the town was nearby, school was a twenty minute walk away. But to get there I had to take a route through the forest. Which might have bothered some but not me. This is where Draco lives. The before mentioned imaginary dragon of mine. There's evidence that could suggest he's real, except that growing up, my mum never saw the little dragon that was forever at my side. Yet she would always notice when odd stuff happened. For example Draco had a habit of flying to the top shelf in my kitchen and stealing a cookie out of the jar whenever I was crying. These were the sorts of things she noticed. So there's evidence for either side of the argument. But really I don't care. He just a really, really odd childhood friend who happens to be a dragon. Usually without fail he'll appear when I'm in the forest but today I guess he was having a lie-in, or being late. I left the apple on a low-branch of a nearby tree and continued walking to school.

The End

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