The sun was setting over Wingz Acadamy, almost like it was beckoning off the graduates, showing them that a new page in their life has become more than just a figment of the imagination.

The latest class stood on the far courtyard, silent as stone, waiting for the days final rays to dissapear. Some looked around at their friends, trying to catch their eye. Others stared at the streaks of gold, red and yellow that the final moments of day presented in front of them.

"5....4....3.....2......1!" The crowd chanted, once the sun had dissapeared the flock of students cheered. They soared into the air, spreading their newly mature wings and showing off their novice-level flying skills.

"Laken! Come on! You too, Zuriel!" A girl called from the sky, her bob bounced from the small breeze trailing though the trees. "We can finally call ourselves Angels, and you don't even try to fly?"

Zuriel shrugged and beckoned from Laken to join him. They took to they sky, chuckling to themselves. They were angels now, no one could call them the Flightless Ones anymore.

"So, Haley." Zuriel pushed back a strand of his long, pitch black hair and traced along his newly higlighted left bang. "Did you decide if you were joining the Guard?"

The Angelic Guard was a group of angels that were sent to earth to help teenagers get their life back together. They became their friends, the guard saved teens from the destruction of their lives. All guard members are teenagers, no acceptions.

"I think I am going to. I'll be a healer though, I can't stand to see the horrible things that happen on Earth." Haley's smile faded. "Meth, suicide, smoking, gangs.... How can some one live on that planet for so long?"

Laken, who was quietly listening to the coversation, opened his mouth to say something. He closed it suddenly, not wanting to offend.

"Laken, just say it, we are all friends here." Zuriel punched him in the arm, softly. "I won't hurt you anyway, I only to that to the people who piss me off."

"Haley, don't get mad." Laken rubbed the spot where Zuriel punched him. "But when you were on earth you did Crack, joined a neighborhood gang and you ran away from home. Yo shouldn't be so hypocritical."

Haley closed her eyes for a second, then turned towards Laken. "I did. And you know as well as I do, Dying changes you, no questions asked. Let's go to Halo's, I need a coffee."

Zuriel nodded and shifted from the hovering position they were in. He was still becoming used to his new wings, and he was still insecure about the fact that they were pitch black and the down was a darkened red.

That's the color of the guard's wings.Not many people have them, and only an elite few get into the guard itself. Not the healing district, but the Guardian district. So if you have them from Angelic birth, then you are destined for the guard itself. His surrogate Angel Father told him. There is another thing as well. Those colors on wings, are the Wings of the Tratiors. The fallen angels. 


The End

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