Growin up with diffrences

My mom a favorite talk show host. Me. Her un known son

I was a present for my mom‘s birthday from my dad.

Metairie, Louisiana is were I was supposivley born. I don’t know my original birth place. Cause I was placed in an orphanage at the age of two. My mom’s birthday was coming up and I was in the Little Wonder’s orphanage. My dad Jim, or my mom’s boyfriend, was planning her a surprise party. But he didn’t have a present. My dad, thought a puppy would be an excellent present for my sensitive mom. My dad drank a lot. You could say he was an alcoholic. He thought he was going to a pound, when he walked into a adoption center. Or the Little Wonder’s orphanage. Jim had demanded a boy. So the lady behind the counter actually thought he meant a kid. She went into the nursery room I was in and grabbed my neighbor first. Jim apparently did not like Marco and walked into the hallway, then into the nursery. He peered around dizzily. He actually believed he was seeing dogs. He of course came over to my crib grabbed me and began to speak to me like he would to a dog. He told the lady that he was sure I was the one. He then signed bunch of papers and paid with a card, Jim then left the orphanage with me under his arm. The lady behind the desk ran after him screaming he needed a car seat to put me in. My dad grabbed the seat and through it in his car. Then he tossed me in it. I guess I didn’t even know what to do. I just looked at him.

Mom’s Birthday was a good one. And I was the last present left to be opened. I was in box, scarred. My mom opened the box after several shakes. I peered out of box and looked around. Jim screamed and hollered saying he could have sworn I was a dog. I was four at this time. And understood a lot. I looked at him and told him I wasn’t a dog. Then I had looked at my mother with curiosity. She began to cry. She pulled me out of the box and held me in a bear hug. She was confused. She thanked my dad then left me on her chair. She walked out the front door. And cursed super loud. I began to cry. I was scarred and confused, I did not like my new space. It was too different. My mother came back in with a tear streaked face. She just starred back and forth at my father and I. She then began to tell my father she could not do this. A child was a token of love meaning marriage to a non husband and wife. I plugged my ears and cried softly. She did not love my dad anymore. She claimed she was gay. And wanted to break up. Jim flung his arms around and hit tons of items. Breaking glasses, lamps. And kicked over chairs. He grabbed me and began to shake me and scream YOU! YOU DID THIS TO ME! I burst into tears screaming mama mama mama. She ripped me out of his cold hands and pulled me close. Jim grabbed his beer out of the fridge and his truck keys and began to head for the door. He screamed at my mom telling her she was making the biggest mistake and he was going to get her back for it. He also told her that she could just return me because I was nothing, but crap. I held onto my mom as she cradled me and told Jim to get out. He left fuming. I could only cry along with my mommy.

It was seven years later. And my mom has gotten on with her life. She was done with counseling and had a TV talk show. Can you guess who my mom is now? If you guessed Ellen DeGeneres then your right. She’s very rich and famous. She always is getting kissed by random people. And there passionate kisses. She doesn’t even care. I had plenty of toys and items anything I wanted. I rarely got to see my mom, but I had my mom’s girl friend who had taken good care of me. My mom had been through a lot of relationships with women, but she really had liked this particular one. Portia de Rossi. Portia was very pretty. She reminded me of my mom. So I didn’t always miss my mom to much. I liked to play games with Portia. And sometimes Portia and I would peer from the side of the stage onto my mom’s show and wave at her. I loved my mom and Portia. My life looked great so far.

I remember one morning my mom woke up extremely excited and happy. I was now fifteen. She told me she was ready to tie the knot with Portia. I now knew about gayness and did not like the fact my mom was gay. I told her I didn’t care anymore. She wouldn’t listen to me telling her being gay was wrong. Instead she began to tell me how I use to love Portia. I told my mom that yah, Portia is an amazing women, but she or my mom shouldn’t be gay. My mom still didn’t listen and went to find Portia. I remember kicking over my bike as I ran outside. Now I knew how my dad felt. I love my mom, but what she was doing was wrong. I screamed at the world for making gayness. I picked up my bike and rode out of the long drive way. I wanted to get a way and never come back. I stopped at a TV shop and peered into the window. My mom’s show was turning on. And I knew she was going to announce her proposal. I punched the window and rode off. I wanted to go find my normal dad. And live normally.

I got to a pay phone and picked up the phone book connected to it. I then began to thumb through it to find Jim Kirk. I found Jim and began to call the number. A women answered the phone. I asked her if she knew Jim Kirk and she claimed he was her husband. I told her I was his once upon a time son. I told her when he was dating my mom I was his son. The women’s name was Claudia. She told me I could come over and visit. So I hopped back on my bike and road the two miles.

I got to 13267 and hopped off my bike. I put it in the drive way and walked up to the front door. A man dressed in a suit and tie opened the door to the huge house and told me to come in. He took my sweatshirt and put it on a coat rack. A tall man walked down the front hall stairs. He was dressed so nicely you could think he was going to a special acassion. He got to the bottom step and ran to my side. He rapped me in his arms super tight. You could hear him weep. I slowly brought my hands up onto his back. He was still holding me, but held away. I starred at him. He told me he should have brought me with him. I forced a smile. I didn’t really know him that well. What was I suppose to do. He told me that I could now live in his improved life. He told me he even had a bedroom for me. Its almost as if he was expecting me. I told him that I could only visit because I still loved my mom. He introduced me to Claudia and 1 little one named Nathaniel. I told him that was nice but you know.

After I had met my dad I didn’t want to leave. He was so amazing how could I leave. But I had to get back to my mom. I told him once I was sixteen he would see me a lot more. I would come and visit all the time, but for now my mom would be waiting. I hopped on my bike and was off. I got home around darkness. My mom was in the front room with Portia balling her eyes out. I slowly shut the front door and tried to run to the stairs. But my mom and Portia caught me and flew to me. My mom grabbed me and squeezed me. She scolded me for running away. I had to tell her sorry of course. For the rest of the night I was to stay with her.

My mom and Portia were now married. And I am 16. I visit my dad and step brother and of course my step mother all the time. I’m never happy at my normal home. Cause of my mom and Portia. I get made of so bad all the time for my mom being gay. So I’m never around her. I’m normally with Nate playing with the poor 13 year old. Or either that babysitting Claudia’s new one to the family. Melinda. My life is not normal by far because I had grown up with differences.

The End

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