Cold Blooded Monster


I reached out to the door,whilst I couldn't look back towards mum's dead cold body lying on the floor. As I close the door behind on the terrible mess I caused ,I looked up towards the sky and it was beautiful, the stars ,and my heart felt empty.I ran towards the cliffs and kept running and running until I ran out of energy. The clouds were misted over the cliffs of Cape Coral and all I could see was a blue fiery light in the distance just about near mums house. I felt terrible and didn't want to be myself,I could see mum in my mind lifeless. The tears kept coming and kept coming. The next thing I remember was the flashing light in my face and about five people with white jackets coming to get me.Mums cold blood was over my hands and over my face and  especially the mouth area.Then they toke me here to Grove Manor where the mentally ill stay.I've told them again and again,I am not mentally ill, I've got a condition a condition that no one can cure I am a cold human killing vampire and quess what no one believed me. 


The End

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