The Black Day

It was a ordinary sunny day in Cape Coral.I remember this day because it was already an awful day to remember, it had been a year since dad died. I hadn't been feeling like myself since he died I always felt anger and depressed but I did feel different inside,I felt like I became something rather not human.It was a tragic day to remember, I had misd dad since he left me and mum in this world.

I decided to go and walk along the bay as it was a lovely day to remember him, he use to love fishing and he would catch the biggest fish in Cape Coral and I'd be so proud of him for bringing it home. I carried on walking along the bay and I just remember the good memories of me and dad and our little adventures around the Bay. I still remember him from now. His eyes were blue like mine and he'd always joke about how I get my looks from him and that why I'm so pretty he'd say. I carried on walking over the cobblestone bay the breeze picked up and for a second I felt he was there again.I closed my eyes and just saw dad's face smiling cheerfully at me,I opened and finally I was back in reality just me and the big bay in front of me. The colourful bay changed suddenly to gray.

I just wanna say I'm sorry for what I've done dad. I didn't mean it, It just happened quickly everything happened so quickly. mother was having her bad day, she didn't mean what she said, I didn't mean what I did, I think I've solve the issues now, I think I've found who I really am. It just happened so quickly.

That night changed my life and who or what I became. It's quite difficulty to think about it but I just need to get it out of my head now. So I'd be easier for me to remember it now than later it will then hurt less.

I came back from the bay after spending hours remembering dad and the good days in my life.I went into the house and mum was there drunk sitting on the chair, crying. She did find it difficult more after a year. The family weren't around grandma died shortly after dad died so it was just me and her. I went over and tried to comfort her but she wouldn't take it, she started to tell me that dads death was all my fault and that she hated me. She kept on shouting in my face louder and louder. Then I did it without thinking, the anger got better of me,I pushed her and then she landed on the glass dinning table. I didn't know what to do at first I wondered if she was joking so I went across and gave her a tap on the back shouting "mum,mum,MUM!" , she didn't answer. I felt sick and my head was getting hot and it became painful. I became aware that the blood was on the floor and I could smell it and it was strange that I had this sense of feeling, I didn't care about my mother dying, but all about the smell of blood and then I saw my hands they were covered in blood. 

I started to lick the blood of my hands and the sense of blood from mum's body became stronger and  I then realise that I became unhuman. I decided the best thing I could do was to leave and this way I'd protect mum from what I became a monster.

The End

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