Grove Manor

In Katrina Stewart's mind everything is lies...
"The sense of blood is everything"There he is Dark hair,Dark Eyes handsome and tall exactly what I need.
The memories come back and then they leave.
Jake and Katrina take a long journey as their eyes meet each other they get stronger but it's not long till the truth is revealed.



I can smell the blood from a mile from my house. I can still hear shouting and cries,I never wanted it to end like this.I look into the mirror day by day discovering new hidden talents about myself. I can still feel the blood on my hands, neck and feet, I can still taste it in my mouth like chocolate so addictive. My mind tells me each second of the day to taste blood, it 's normal it's says. That night I couldn't help what happened, that person pushed me to the limit. All I can hear is voices in my head gradually getting louder by the minute louder and louder, I wish it would stop, I wish I could find a cure for me. I wish every single day that I could go back to the normal family life when dad was around perhaps then dad would have helped me.

I can't help being like this,I've thought of killing myself but it impossible to do. Memories come back to me day on day,for hours I can wash them away with reading or creating art on the wall. The nights are the worst, It because I’m fully awake wondering what to do with myself and then they come flooding in all the bad memories. I tell myself day by day it wasn't my fault, I had to, but that all my mind playing tricks on me, my inner demon coming out. All I want is a normal life a childhood again, dad and mum.

Me playing on the swings, whilst mum and dad sitting down holding hands,my mind all innocent and quiet, not like now. I want to be free, free to the world and harmless not a monster craving for blood like a baby craves for milk. I want to be loved and have a happy family myself and then maybe dad and mum would respect me and be there for me. I'd go to church without being looked at funny and I'd have a normal life, that's all I wanted all I need.

If you guys are wondering about my life and what I am you've come to the right place.

The End

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