Chapter One

In "Group Sync," the main character is an engineer who has been working on an experimental technology which allows humans to interface directly with computers using their minds. In his rush to save his team's reputation by proving to his bosses that the technology works, he accidentally stumbles upon a secret which could forever change the world.


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Instant Message Transcript


Henry O’Dell, Lead engineer for Synaptic Interface Project

Frank North, Director of Product Development

Date: 03/12


@Henry Just got off a conference call with Mark Rogers. He asked a lot of questions about the synaptic interface your team has been working on. He wants to see a demonstration tomorrow at 3 p.m.

@Frank There’s no way that we’ll be ready to demonstrate the interface tomorrow! Our tests show promise but there are still a lot of bugs to work out. 3 p.m. won’t give us enough time to find more test subjects or resolve the big issues.

@Henry I can’t help you. Rogers is on the warpath, and you need to deliver. Word reached him that Apple and Google are working on the same thing, and he’s pissed. We need to get this up and running ASAP.

@Frank Forwarding your summaries from our user tests. Attachment:

@Henry Holy crap, I didn’t realize that four of your test subjects were hospitalized. I hope you’ve at least figured out why.

@Frank We did, and we’ve had at least one successful test since. Attachment: usertest030413.doc.

@Henry Okay, that’s a start. You need to produce a working prototype by noon tomorrow, or your entire team is sunk.

@Frank I’ll do what I can, but this is a bad idea.



Subject: Synaptic Interface Project

Date: March 13

From: Henry O’Dell <>

To: Engineering Team,

I am attaching a status report for the Synaptic Interface Project or, as we’ve come to refer to it, SIP. The slideshow can be found at File://D://Staff/shared/henry/SIP/presentation/slideshow.ppt.


<Begin Attachment>

Project Definition

It is the belief of Nova Beans that as consumers are becoming more and more dependent on digital devices for their information, entertainment, and communication, that it has become more and more critical that we find a way to close the gap that has always existed between humans and computers.

Synaptic interface technology has come a long ways, and with this project we hope to take a giant leap forward. The goal for SIP has been to allow users to connect with their devices and/or the Internet via thought. Imagine, if you will, what it would be like to think what you want to post on Facebook, and suddenly it’s there. Or, think about a message you want to send, and when you reached your office the email is already sitting on your computer addressed and ready to be sent.

SIP will be implemented in three different stages:


Stage One: Increased Server Capacity. A server farm has been established in our headquarters which would process our users’ thoughts. The hope is that we will have at least enough power to process the thoughts of a dozen or more testers, and then as the product becomes more stable we will bring on more servers in anticipation of access by the general public. Status: Complete

Stage Two: Build a synaptic Transmitter and receiver. A prototype for the receiver has been implemented, but we are continuing to develop the synaptic transmitter. We had at first envisioned a device that might be worn on the head, similar to Google’s Glass prototype, but encountered a lot of problems. We have since shifted to the concept of a miniaturized capsule which the user would swallow. The capsule would then release nanoscopic probes which would travel through the person’s bloodstream and attach themselves to the brain stem. Status: As of this time, we have completed our second round of trials. We ran into some problems with the nanoprobes, but I’m confident that we’ve resolved most of them. We are currently in the process of planning for round three. Status: In Progress

Stage Three: Product release. Status: Pending

<End Attachment>

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Chapter One

Henry’s heart skipped a beat as soon as he heard Simon Malone’s voice. He shifted the package he was carrying from his right to his left hand hoping that Simon wouldn’t notice. He turned and smiled back at Simon. “Oh, hey Simon.”

“Hey Henry, I didn’t expect to see you in the lab until next week.”

“Frank accelerated the testing. Rogers is asking for a demonstration tomorrow,” Henry said.

“Tomorrow? But all of our test subjects have been released. There’s no way to give a live demonstration.” Simon’s eyes drifted towards the package. “What’s that?”

Henry gulped. “Just a test kit. I wanted to use it as a part of my presentation.”

Simon chuckled. “That doesn’t make sense. Nothing in there except a release form and an adult diaper.” Now he was looking more closely. “Isn’t that one of the prototypes?”

Henry let out a sigh, to cover his anxiety. “I needed the pill as a visual aide too. To help discuss our process.”

“We have lots of prototypes. That’s the latest one. But they all look the same,” Simon said, sounding more and more skeptical. “I don’t see why you would take it out of the lab, without authorization.”

“It’s fine, Simon,” Henry said. “I’m just taking it to my desk for some photos and then I’ll return it right away. Same for the kit.”

“Okay. Because if it turns up missing, I’m the one who will get blamed.” 

“I’ll put it back, I promise.” Henry turned on his heel, and headed towards the doors leading out of the lab. He was glad that Simon seemed to accept his explanation, because he didn’t think he could have told another lie without completely breaking down.

The End

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