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When he finds this person, this Carlisle (after having to intimidate quite a few of the commoners, he'll admit), he's surprised, to say the least. It isn't the dimly lit basement in a poorly kept brothel, it isn't the run-down furniture and tattered surroundings (except that chain attached to the wall does look a bit...odd), or the strangely clean corner of the room mostly hidden by a flimsy transparent curtain; not even the stench of water and smoke is bothering him...and he knows perfectly that it's to cover up a smell. It does the trick perfectly, because the man stands a few paces away and he doesn't smell him nearly as well as he would in clear air.

Carlisle is covered in blood, practically drenched in the fluid.

Victor can smell that well enough, at least. Luckily he's not hungry yet.

Their gazes meet, and then the other raises a hand--Victor narrows his eyes, watching the seemingly frail blonde brandish a filthy medical tool. He'd look down to better inspect it, Carlisle looks more spooked than he has a right to be, splattered as he is.

"Who are you? What are you doing here?" comes the hissed whisper, as though he's trying not to shout. "How did you get in?"

Victor motions to the door, and subsequently the broken lock. "You're Carlisle, yes? I wanted--"

"Lower your voice, please!" The other cuts in, frowning.

The taller man scowls back at him with a sigh. He begins again, this time murmuring just loud enough to be heard. Carlisle strains to listen. Victor refrains from snapping at the man. Now isn't the time to scare him. "Tell me what you know about the forest here."

Carlisle looks confused for a moment, then blinks rapidly in surprise, a slender hand coming up to pull pale blonde hair from a clip. It falls to just under his chin. Idly Victor notes how cookie cutter he looks; nearly white blonde, with the brilliant blue eyes and fancy clothing to match--a pressed white shirt, and dark slacks with the suspenders neatly tucked into the waistband. If he didn't know any better, he'd probably assume that the other is a weakling, but no matter how human Victor can tell he is...he's not going to drop his guard.

He does, however, relax just the slightest when Carlisle sets down the calipers in his hands. A bone cutter, he sees now. This, and the adamant request for hushed tones? If he searched the past bounties, would he find Carlisle in that list? How much coin would be offered?

"I know people think I'm crazy, alright? But I know I'd heard it." Victor's gaze follows him when he sits on a tarnished and worn stool. There are nuts and bolts poking through the ripped up cushion. It can't be comfortable... "And the lights, they were...almost beautiful. I'm still not sure what it could have been, only that it was small. Tiny, really, almost like the form of a child. But the sounds; the complete opposite. I can't even describe it. It made me freeze up. I couldn't look back once it stopped and I started running."

Carlisle drops his gaze to the floor.

"Where did this happen? Can you describe the area?"

A laugh, humorless and dry.

"I could show you."

Victor frowns.  It's enough of a question to the filthier of the two, and Carlisle clears his throat, glancing over his shoulder at the prone form lying on a gurney behind the curtain. With how many times this man has taken his eyes off of Victor, and the manner he carries's clear that he doesn't have a price on his head. His next words only confirm it for him. "My patient will be waking up soon. It was going to be my last operation here in this village. The Court won't give me a permit to work freely here, so I can take you to the forest and then be on my way from there. Though, truthfully, you won't see me getting too close to the exact spot." He amends, turning back to Victor with a haunted expression.

A doctor. A licenseless one, but a doctor nonetheless. That would explain why he ran into so many bullheaded people insisting that he leave Carlisle alone. The commoners are protective of their good doctor.

In the back of his mind, questions arise. There's a faint hope, that perhaps...

Victor pushes it all away. Now isn't the time.

"Alright. We should leave as soon as possible then."

Carlisle nods, waving a hand. "I just need to notify the family of my patient to come look after them. If you don't mind to wait here?"

Something reminiscent of a smile tugs at Victor's lips. He'd forgotten what it was like to be around people. Humans...he tries to stay away from them, but this one...

This one doesn't seem too bad so far.

"Of course."

The End

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