Guy O'hanneryMature

"Nothing like a healthy breakfast, huh?"

Eliza started so hard that she choked on her toast and tripped on her own feet while flying out of the chair, knocking over her cans of drink in the process and finally stopping herself with her forehead on the windscreen. 

She realized what'd happened in an instant, and had her hand on the old-school Earth 9mm handgun she kept on the dash in the next. She snapped around 180 degrees to confront the intruder. 

The first thing that caught her eye were his pants, a meld of gray and blue camouflages she followed that up to a utility belt complete with holstered guns and knifes. Wait up. The pants. Her eyes darted back down. Two normal sized legs. What!?

She was still processing the fact that this stranger had two normal legs when he whistled lightly, stuck a hand in her field of vision and motioned upwards to his face. "Conversations up here sailor" he told her.

She brought her gaze up to his face, he had dark brown eyes and close cropped brown hair with lightly tanned skin. Two eyebrows, one nose, one mouth, hair, teeth, he was human?

She suddenly became very, very aware of her state of undress.

"AI!" She screamed. "Lockdown the bridge!" she darted for the door, slipped through, and felt the blast doors slam down behind her. She ran, full pace, back to her room. 

Another human? He's human. HE. She hadn't seen another human being in years. Humans were in short supply these days. Real short supply- and here was one, on her ship! ...and she was basically naked!


10 minutes later, Eliza had showered, brushed her teeth and dressed. She was wearing a clean set of her navy blue cargo pants and a tight sleeveless tank. Her hair was swept back and held in a ponytail. Around her waist was her belt, complete with her weapons and every other utility she could need.

"AI, open the bridge!" she commanded. The doors flew open, and she strode through. The man, probably only twenty or so, had been cleaning. All of the rubbish and plates had vanished, and the air smelled remarkable fresher. That infuriated her, who was he to clean her bridge?

The young man was in the copilot seat, casually munching on a bright red apple. "I hope you don't mind the apple" he said through a full mouth "Charles offered."

She stared him down for a moment, was he making fun of her? "Who the hell is Charles?" she asked.

A puzzled look crossed his face, as if he were being tested. "The Artificial Intelligence you have installed?" He said slowly.

The AI has a name?

"Who are you? How did you get aboard? What do you want? You tell me now."

The AI- Charles- came in over the speaker. "I can answer two of your questions m'lady, if I may. This is Guy O'hannery, born 17th of April six years before the invasion, and I let him aboard ma'am. His vessel approached while you were asleep requesting assistance. He presented no threat."

This news bewildered her, but she wasn't going to let this new punk see that. "You couldn't have known he wasn't a threat." she said cautiously. "Ma'am, I could have melted him in a moment." That was true enough "Right- Thank you... Charles." She turned her attention back to the man- Guy- who was still happily munching away at his apple. "That still leaves what you want in question" she reminded him.

"Ah- well," he swallowed his mouthful of apple "-long story short, I want to offer you a job."

The End

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