A lone moon, suspended in space. It's planet, gone. It's surface covered with an acne of ruins, blazing into the night with the white fire of a harnessed star.

As she woke up, she stretched widely. In the undertone lights, she could see her room was a mess, dirty clothes and old paperwork littered the floor. Her ship was as silent as always, even the Star-Powered engines couldn't be heard as they roared into the emptiness of space. 

She kicked off her heavy blankets, and lazily slid from her bed onto her feet, her bare skin of her legs shivering with the exposure. It was never cold on the ship, just as it was never hot. The AI always picked the most neutral temperature for its pilot. Catching her reflection in the mirror, she momentarily panicked. 

Her Blue-Black hair was a tangled birds nest of a mess, her eyes still drooped from the sleep and still baggy from her late night and the skin on her pale face was riddled with a light pink maze from where the crinkles of the pillow had pushed up onto her face. The stained white singlet she wore was beginning to tear, and the coffee and food stains were getting worse by the day. And then, she stopped looking at her reflection, she didn't care. Why should she? She was alone.

She shuffled through the mess on her floor to the wardrobe.

"AI?" she croaked, her throat dry. 

"Yes, m'lady?" the monotone, male, British-Accented voice responded. 

"Underwear." She groaned.

Instantly, a draw slid out of the wardrobe, much like a CD tray popping out of an old-earth computer, in it, a crisp, plain pair of white underwear lay neatly folded, looking as if they'd recently been cleaned and ironed. 

Slowly, and tiredly, she slid them on, considering getting dressed properly. 'Too much effort.' she sighed inwardly. Yawning, and stretching, she felt some life begin to flow back into her limbs. Enough life to go make a coffee. 

Kicking an old pair of heavy cargo pants out of the way, she stepped over to the door. Thick Reinforced Titanium, able to work as a deadlock should the corridor become compromised. She lifted her arm to rest the palm of her hand on the faintly glowing green pad beside the door.

As soon as her skin made contact with shallow holographic projection it light up brightly, hurting her eyes in the dark room. It took a moment to scan before the heavy door began to lift. The first three seconds of a blast door lift were painfully slow, and the second two were frightfully fast.

She stepped out in the corridor, off the carpet of her room onto the hard military-grade steel grating that ran up and down the length of this floor of the ship. The hard metal hurt her feet, so she stepped as lightly and as quickly as she could up too the nearby ladder. She climbed the dozen rungs quickly, her body beginning to wake up properly now.

Once in the upper level of her ship she lightly kicked the trapdoor back down over the hatch which she'd just climbed up. She took the first door down the corridor on the left, her feet appreciating the smooth metal floors of this level. Once in the kitchen she flicked the coffee pot, the rumble echoing off the metal walls. 

While the coffee was making itself, she padded over to a larger panel on the far wall and quickly tapping in a few well practiced combinations. 

"How did you sleep, m'lady?" the AI asked, his voice clear but soft, cutting over the rumble of the coffee pot.

"Good, AI." She smiled. "How'd you sleep?"

"Not well m'lady."

"Oh?" she asked, her eyebrows raising, she always enjoyed the AIs humor.

"No M'lady, I didn't sleep a wink unfortunately."

"Well, that is unfortunate, isn't it?"

"Not really M'lady, I never sleep. Actually I'm somewhat glad, if falling asleep makes me look like you, I'll stay awake my entire life."

She snorted a brief laugh. A ping brought her attention back around to the wall where she'd placed her order. Two trays slid out of the wall, one had a plate pilled high with heavily buttered raisin toast, and the other several ice cold cans of Mother Energy Drink.

Tucking several of the cans under her left arm, and picking up the plate of toast she made for the doorway, grabbing the finished pot of coffee as she passed it. The door to the bridge opened as she approached, the AI tracking her path. 

She caught her breath as the door opened, it was always spectacular seeing the stars. 180 degrees pure view out onto the stars, the thick super-hardened plastic protected by a forcefield. 

Dropping the cans onto the co-pilot seat, and pouring the coffee into one of the many scattered cups she started her daily ritual of breakfast. And then, the last thing she expected to hear spoke up.

The End

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