Ink streams from the pages of the Grimoire, across Josua's hand, swirling in concentric patterns, spinning its way across his flesh and back onto the crisply aged pages. Hypnotic, rhythmic designs slow their movement and begin to order themselves into recognizable characters.

Josua eyes followed each letter as it formed, 'Bam? I'm not sure Bam can be any better than attic rain!'

Lynne looked fearfully at Kate and both in turn at Josua. He was maneuvering himself beneath an old teak side-table to shelter from the sudden torrent of precipitation.

'Wait! The swirls haven't stopped yet. Bamboo, it's spelling Bamboo.' Josua's mouth turned up at the thought of an attic jungle. 'Perhaps there will be Pandas as well.'

'Pandas wouldn't be bad', Lynne agreed, while pulling out an old dressing-gown from a cardboard box behind her in order to shelter herself. Kate was sharing the garment, attempting to use the sleeves to wipe droplets from her nose and brow. 

'I only want a Panda if its going to be frie ... hang on, look, the ink is still going!' Kate was right. Gradually the last few letters formed from unintelligible shapes and the word became clear in terms of letters but less so in meaning:

'Bamboozle?' The three said it together and the moisture in the air cleared to the tone of their voice.

'I don't get it.' Josua looked confused

'Get what?'

'This word, what does that mean?'

'I don't care what your word means, who are you?' Kate said the words forcefully, anger tainted her voice, 'How did I get here?'

'I don't know, where are we?' Lynne had paled, a tear was forming at the corner of her eye and it seemed as though precipitation had not been completely halted. 'Who am I?' Kate, Lynne and Josua had no answers and were all suddenly aware that they weren't sure of their own names, nothing made sense. 

The End

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