“It says… it says…” Josua visibly struggled with the word. 

Out with it!

“I think it’s calling me fat!” he cried in anger.

Kate and Lynne, never Lynne and Kate mind you, look at each other with wide smiles adorning their faces.

Some king you are!

Yah, even your ‘loyal book’ insults you!

“Nay, young children!” a muffled voice called from behind the door. All three siblings turn in surprise to look at the door, which rattles and clatters as if being bombarded.

The twins were in mid-telepathic-thought as the lock disengaged, the door opening to reveal the horrors outside.

Except there were no horrors. Just a hunched over old man with a white beard to his knees, wobbling on stick-thin legs and supported by, well, an actual stick in his hand. His eyebrows were bushy and curled at the tips, but his bald head gleamed with not a hair crowning it.

Most unusual of all, though, was the fact that he stood barely two feet from toe to top.

“The book does not insult ye, good Josua,” the old man wheezed. “It serves you a warning of things to come.”

Looking bewildered, Josua asked, “I’m gonna get fat?”

The vacant stares disappeared from the twins as they burst into fits of laughter.

“I said Nay, young bloke!” the old man accompanied this outburst with a swift thwack of his stick to Josua’s calf, eliciting an ignored yelp.

“It warns of foolishness, and of silliness to come!”

Does he mean that–

–this isn’t crazy already?

“Crazy it has been, my ladies,” the man acknowledged. “But not fatuous!”

“That’s the fat calling word the book used!” Josua accused.

He can hear us? The twins thought in tandem.

The old man merely smiled.

The End

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