"Tempestuous." He whispered. Storm clouds rumbled in the distance, getting closer with every passing second. Lightning flashed in the distance. Only Lynne had the sense to break the silence as they stared at the dark, gigantic rumbling storm clouds.

"Find the word before it pours on the book!"

She exclaimed over the building noise. Josua and Kate immediately snapped as Josua teared through the dictionary.

Our hands our clean, Lynne.

They are??

Yeah, now help us out!


The three siblings tore through the book until they found the T section, then rapidly searching until they found the word. The wind began to pick up, and thunder rumbled

"Tempestuous: of, or relating to a tempest, or a storm. synonyms are turbulent or stormy." Kate read, barely heard over all the noise.


James came rushing over. Kate quickly put the magical book in her jacket.

"Get inside! There's a huge storm right over your heads. Are you blind?! Get up, get moving!" He yelled. It began to rain. A lot, and hard.  Josua grabbed the large dictionary, and the three of them ran into the house.

The clay on the twins' feet was gone, washed off in the rain of the huge, whirling tempest.

The End

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