They were foxes.

Foxes in mud!

It's not mud, it's clay.


Yes, now there was clay all over their feet- er, paws. Another word, Argillaceous, had scrawled itself onto the page. Josua flew onto the lawn at that at that moment. He had flown back to teh attic to look for his sisters, but with no avail. His uncle had said that they were outside, with the huge old dictionary.He glanced around, not noticing his sisters at first. "Kate? Lynne?"

We're right here! look down!

He looked down, as if his head were pulled by some force. Then he saw them. . .

We're changing back!

I know! Isn't it great?

"Josua! What does ar. . gil. . la. .ce. .ous mean?" Lynne pointed half a paw-half a hand at the dictionary. Josua back until he found the A section.

Kate and Lynne, who had fully changed back, stared down at their hands and feet, which were dripping with clay, and collecting more every second.  "Hurry up, before we turn into clay!" Kate exclaimed.

"Argillaceous, argillaceous. . .found it!" he exclaimed

"What does it mean?!" The twins demanded in unison.

"Of, relating to, or containing clay materials."


The Kate-Lynne twins had clay covering their arms up to their elbows, and from their feet to their knees.

Josua gaped as the next word scrawled onto the page.

The End

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