For a heart-stopping moment the twins almost gave in to fatal laughter.

He thinks it will stop.

Just because he told it to.

But no one listens to Josua.

Josua, maybe even more determined because of the twins' thoughts, repeated himself in a firm voice. "I command thee to stop!"

Surprisingly, the shadows at the door appeared to listen. Slowly, quite unwillingly, wisps of darkness receded back to the outside hall.

In time with the lazy rhythm of its retreat, a new word inked itself languidly across the grimoire's open face.

E-v-a-n-e-s-c-e-n-t, Kate identified all the letters separately.

Ev-a-nes-cent, Lynne bravely tried to pronounce the term.

What does it mean?

What does it mean?

It's a pretty word.

I agree, but what does it mean?

Josua made an imperious turn close to the door, and he stalked back to where the twins sprawled on the floor.

"I think you're just too dumb. Who cares what it means? What do you think it means?" Josua paused. "As king, I declare 'evanescent' means 'having to obey'. You two have to obey me from now on, or else next time the shadows will get us."

Put a crown on his head and all his shyness disappears.

It's like his humility vanished.

Yes, it's faded away.

Angered once again by their conversation, Josua ordered them in a trembling voice, "Bring the grimoire here."

Kate and Lynne brought the book to him. This particular Josua unnerved them. What was he going to do next?

"Ha!" Triumph dripped from Josua's sharp cry. "Another word appears. The book knows a King holds it."

Heedlessly, the two crowded closer to the third.

We need to know why the words keep coming.

It's probably important.

What does it say now? They uttered in synchronization.

The End

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