Lodestar, Connie inscribed with her foot into the page.

"Lodestar?" Josua asked the two fantastical creatures. "That's a very strange word."

"It's the name of our queen," Grin stated, the enthusiasm which came with his reply causing his legs to begin swaying again.

"She's not exactly our queen," Connie corrected him, busying herself drawing illustrations and more words on the page. "We're part of a small, secret society dedicated to preserving the arcane arts of our ancestors. Rosehaven Lodestar is the head representative, if you will, of our community, creating order and safety within our borders. She's a very influential citizen and leader, and as you can probably tell by Grin's silly-ness, she's placed at high regard among our people." 

Connie had drawn a detailed ink picture of a beautiful, ethereal woman. Her features were sharp and powerful, yet not so intimidating as to make her unapproachable. 

I wonder if she's as small as the rest of them. 

She's not as cutesy as these two.

"She seems wonderful, but if you guys are so secret, why are you telling us about it? We're just three children." Josua questioned.

"Our people are in some very grave danger." Connie said, her voice taking a more troubled tone now. "Chief Lodestar is being targeted by an evil rebellion starting in a small portion of our society. We're running out of options on how to subdue them and keep our leader out of harms way."

"But what assistance can we possibly offer you?" Josua pushed.

Grim jumped off his perch and scribbled insistently on the page with his hand.

The End

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