They looked at each other with blank looks on their faces.

"What are we doing here?" Josua asked, looking around the attic and his eyes fell on the Grimoire at his knees. He had the nagging feeling that there was something wrong. He went to get up but bumped his head on the able and the Grimoire went sliding across the room and squelched against a soggy box, which promptly disintegrated.

"Why is there a hole in the ceiling?" wondered Lynne, a shadow falling across her face as she released the dressing gown and walked away from the hole. Kate had scrambled over to the Grimoire and was looking at it curiously.

"It's blank."

Josua looked from Kate to Lynne and back again. "Are you guys twins?"

"Does it look like we're twins?" snapped Lynne and started to walk to the trapdoor out of the attic.

"Wait! The book's writing something!" yelled Kate. Lynne paused for a second, then turned around and looked at Lynne like she was crazy.

"It's a book. Books can't write, they are written in."

"Well this one is! Just come over here and see for yourself," said Kate, beckoning them over. Lynne sighed but did as she asked and walked over to kneel by Kate as Josua scrambled out from under the table and joined them.

" Animosity?" said Josua, frowning and for the life of him couldn't remember what was so important about that book.

"I guess you were right. Now I'm going home. It's wet and cold and I'm-" Lynne stopped. A feral gleam had caught in her eye and she looked at Josua with bared teeth. Josua had turned and she pounced, tackling him to the floor. They started scratching and biting each other, Kate watching. Kate joined the fray with a well aimed kick at Lynne's head. Josua managed to escape and watched as they continued to fight each other.

The End

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