“Who are you, exactly?” the Kate-Lynne twins asked in unison.

The thumb-sized woman was nearly done with the word, her foot curling a decorative tail on the E.

“Indelible,” she pronounced, though neither the twins nor Josua were sure if she was answering the question or merely reading her calligraphy.


“We’re indelible,” her companion answered, his feet still tittering at the edge of the pages. They waggled and waved like a child on a swing, though he wasn’t moving anywhere at all.

Adele and Bill?

I think you’re right.

Josua wasn’t so sure. “And I’m… Josua?” His reply was more of a question, on account of his not knowing if the pair were indeed named Adele and Bill.

“Tut tut,” the woman cooed, striding to the edge of the page, closest to the trio. “With that sort of certainty I’d say you were an imposter. Bring me the real Josua, boy!”

Kate looked at Lynne, who glanced back. Or maybe Lynne looked at Kate. Anyhow, they both ended up looking at each other, confused.

He’s not the real Josua?

Of course he is, you lummox. He can hear us, can’t he?

“Of course I can!” Josua bellowed. “And of course I am!”

“Am what?” the man chortled from his perch.


“That’s better!” the woman smiled. “Now I believe you.”

“Thanks,” Josua replied. It only occurred to him a few moments later that he was thanking a middle-age Thumbelina for believing in him. “But we still don’t know who you are.”

“I told you, we’re indelible. Irremovable. Indestructible. Invincible, even” the sitting man called. His legs had ceased swaying.

Not Adele.

And not Bill.

“Yes, we are all those,” the woman nodded. “But we are also Constance and Peregrine.” She smiled. Curtseyed, even, if one of her size could manage such an act. “But please, children, call me Connie.”

“And I’m Grin,” the man, well, grinned.

None of the children replied to this, though Josua did raise an eyebrow, a feat he’d been practicing in the bathroom mirror.

“You can usually ignore him,” Connie whispered, winking all the while.

“Right.” Josua eyed Grin cautiously, and then turned his attention back to the miniscule matron. “But, why are you here? And how, really?”

“Questions, questions!” Connie cheered. “Just read, my darlings.”

And with that, her slippered foot penned another confounding word.

The End

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