A shadowy tentacle lunges toward the trio, a limb made of inky darkness.

Wait, one of the girls projects, Kate. What if we...! Lynne finishes, though it's up for discussion whether the cry was a completion of Kate's thought or desperate command.

The three jump up from their crouches as a mess of shadows fall upon the spot they had just left, grimoire in hand.

"What's it say, what's it say!?" Josua's cries are frantic and hurried, much like their pace toward the stairs spiralling down to the rest of the house.

Nothing, dolt.

Now keep running.

Three sets of feet pitter-patter down the stairs, escaping the ethereal octopus behind them. They spin an turn in circles just as the stair way gyres and gimbles, though there is no wabe to speak of this time around, and Carrol hardly imagined an octopus in the tulgey wood.

"Wait, how are you speaking to me without speaking," Josua puffs between pounding steps, his breath unsteady and wavering.

We're telepathic–


Is that the same as clairaudient?

And also perp...


"Perspicacious?" Josua offers, reading it from the page.

Yes, that, one of the twins confirms.

The other asks, How'd you know that?

"The grimoire, see?" Josua hefts the old book up as the triad stops in the hallway, convinced they are safe from the cephalopodal menace. Kate and Lynne stare at the page, eyes squinted.

And how did you pronounce it correctly?

"Uhm... err..."

Josua doesn't finish his thought, though, as a tentacle came bouncing down the stairs behind them, a shadowy slinky with malicious intents.

Screams and hollers and tentacles follow Josua, Kate, and Lynne down the hallway, the grimoire empty of words once more.

The End

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