Three shadows seeped out of the first p and the r and the t and then  faded...and formed soft peaks, then faded again.

    The three watched as these dull forms struggled to escape from the letters.  Then it was the turn of the A and the u and the s.

    Say it!

    Josua alone heard this plea.

    Say it!

    As they watched, Kate, Lynne and Josua, the last two letters separated from the rest of the word;  became larger and stood out from the page.

    "Us?" said Kate, Lynne.

    "Apparate Us!"  Josua's voice was an awed gasp. 

    "What's that mean?" asked Kate.

"Look," cried Lynne, her eyes widening.

    The u was no longer u-shaped. Its top was curling over and the two ends joining up.  The s was now a figure eight.  Features were appearing in the big O that had been a u,and in the top half of the 8.  Both were enlarging and growing limbs.

    Two tiny figures now stood on the page, grinning up at them.  One was a plump woman, waistless and jolly, pointing her miniscule finger at Josua and laughing.  The other, male, ran to where the pages joined and sat, dangling his little feet in the crease.

        "Now you've done it!" said Kate.

        "Josua.  I'm scared," said Lynne.  "Make them go away."

    This made the little woman laugh even harder, and the man (her husband? sibling? partner?) just scowled at her.

    "How?" whispered Josua.  "Anyway, why?  They seem all right."

    I can always close the book, the grimoire or whatever it is, if they look like they're going to cause trouble, and squish them. 

    He was thinking this when the man pointed at him and said, "Don't you dare!  You brought us here.  You did it."

    "Who are they, Josua?" asked Kate.

    "What are they?" whimpered Lynne.

    Josua looked at the girls.  He frowned and was just about to say How am I supposed to know? when the little woman started tracing a word on the page with her foot.

    It was very faint, but it was...



The End

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