Grimm HuntingMature

Based on a dream I had. Working on more follow up. If you think I should tell me. If you don't think so please down-vote to oblivion.

A squat greenish grey toad sat quietly, camouflaged on a mossy rock just outside the mouth of the cave. Like a hunting cat, Vo crept in a slow crouch toward the caves other side. He knew with certain grim reason that the toad had seen him and held out hope that the toad was ignorant of this knowledge. There! the toad angled its head in a sharp jerk and shot out a red barbed tongue. predicting the shot, the hardened leather clad adventurer dove under the tongue and rolled into a sprint, bee lining toward the large amphibian. The beast sprung with his coiled legs, length easily reaching three meters while fully stretched out. In one motion Vo fell flat to his back, dodging the toads flying bulk and punching a trident pronged blade up into his warty nemesis. The toad landed on three legs and crashed to its face, its front limb pinned into its belly leeking a purple oose.

The amphibian ribbited in a low growl sound that masked the crunch of Vo’s sprinting steps. The toad turned and shot out its tongue a final time missing Vo wide as he flew into the beast with  medium sword drawn and pointed. The blade buried itself up to the huilt between the toad's eyes. Vo kicked himself away from the beast as it began its violent jerking death throws. from a short distance away Vol watched, hoping that his sword would not be damaged in the toads final carnal moments.

A morbid intuition tingled down his spine a moment before he realized that his back was turned to the cave. With the force of a kicking horse an unseen appendage pinned Vol to the ground between the shoulders. As he craned his neck to the right to get a glimpse of his assailant a long hairy appendage slammed down into his shoulder and came away With Vol’s entire right arm. The shock, not the pain, knocked the wind out of him.

Contrary to his expectation of immediate death that would save him from the oncoming pain, vice like pincers latched onto him from the appendage that suppressed him and lifted him into the air.

“What sorcery is this?” a voice scratched by a thousand river stones whispered. Vol faced his capture as the pain began to grow in his missing arm. A gargantuan spider dangled him in front of a terrible fanged maw. eight beedie eyes each the size of Vol’s own head.

“Sooka Bleat!” Vol screamed. It felt as though a hot iron had been stabbed down his wrist and up his arm. “Fuck!”

“Such a rotten tongue this one has.” the spider half hissed half cooed. “The curiosity I have for you scares me…” the monster continued, twirling and turning Vol this way and that using its long legs to manipulate his body like a puppet. “But I have just eaten and now find myself in need of a new pet…” Vol was becoming dizzy from blood loss when the monster spider began rapidly spinning him into a webbed cocoon. “If you live you may serve as my new pet” the giant arachnid said and dropped Vol the the ground.


The End

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