I never told you what I do for a livingMature

His feet haven't even stopped twitching yet. I'm sitting on the chair he kicked away. Its a fancy wooden kitchen chair, mahogany or some such bullshit. Doesn't matter much. He dragged it into the hall, right underneath the sweeping stair case. There's blood dripping from both wrists, forming small pools on the sumptuous and expensive cream carpet.

Everythings perfect, the note lying serenely on the table. Only I sense the irony. This kid probably had everything he wanted. So he offs himself because of what? His parents? A break up? Bullied? Stress? Like I fucking care. Humans and they're fragility.They break so easily, like this kid's neck. So easy, and not just they're bodies...

The rope's the kind you get in any DIY store. Hanging there, from the stairs, he strikes a dramatic picture. His eyes are barely glassy, pale blue growing dark and cold. I would love to be there when his parents walk through the door...the screams, crashes as his mother drops to her knees, him swinging lazily in the draft of the open door...I close my eyes and imagine, a smirk on my face. It never gets old, their reactions.

But I had a job to do.

Arms crossed, I set in for the wait. I can feel it in the air as his life force leaches through the veil. There's an electricity. It flows into my veins, purple lightning. I close my eyes and breathe a sigh. I open my eyes. He's scrawny and near transparent, white as, well, a ghost. He looks at me with wide blue eyes.

"Who...who are you?"
"Not to be a cliché, but I'm your worst nightmare." He blinks.
"Am I dead?"
"Well, there's your corpse, so here's hoping. Otherwise my job's pretty redundant and I just got an unexpected day off." I lean back in the chair, arms behind my head. His eyes widen more if possible and he stumbles back a step, passing clean through his own body. He jerks back.
"Are you Death?! Have you come to take my soul? Am I going to heaven?"
I can't help it. A laugh erupts from my throat, cold and hollow, echoing through the silent hall. The kid looks seriously scared now. I grin, relishing his expression.
"Kid, I dunno bout heaven. Concerning your soul, yeah I guide it to the other side. As for Death," I chuckle dark and low.
"I'm a picnic in comparison."

The End

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