A painful encounter indeed

Crecent a 17 year old girl was is greusomely muredered by a bunch of missing kids in the dead of night. When she wakes up she finds out shes got a bunch of amazingly freaky abilities. Can she make things back to normal with a family and town that knows her as one thing......dead!

                                                            Chapter     -1-

The cold. All I  could feel was the horrible freezing cold. I started to feel the vague sense of claustrophobia creeping up behind me. My eyes snapped open and I quickly scanned the room for where the cold was coming from. Nowhere. The cold that was going through my clothes and chilling me to the bone was coming from nowhere. I saw my big brother Daniel sleeping soundly and relaxed a bit. It took a long time for my mind to decide wether it should go back to sleep or stay up. It decided to stay up. I sighed loudly and instantly regretted it. I heard Daniel  get up. 'Come on Crecent its too early to be up. Go back to sleep.' With that he went back to sleep and I swear within a minute he was asleep again. I decided to do something productive and time comsuming. I decided to go out in the dark all alone in the forest. I always do that when i need to be alone. I put my boots on and grabbed my knives.              

It was pitch black in the forest with bits of moonlight leaking through gaps in the thick canopy above me. I loved it here. It made me feel better when I was upsst or annoyed. Just like it did when my mom and dad died. But there was something wrong tonight. T he forest didnt help calm my nerves but instead it made it even worse. Its never a good thing to stay in a place you feel threatened for too long. Suddenly a twig snapped behind me. I whirled around knives ready in my hands. A figure emergerd from the shadows but he was only a shape. He stayed well behind the ray moonlight i was standing under. 'Well well well look who we have here.' said the shape.  'Who are you?' I asked surprised that my voice was so calm and steady 'And quit hiding in the dark.' The figure stepped out into the light. He had a shock of jet black hair and bright green eyes that reminded me of a cat. 'I'm Tallon. Tallon Lies.' I also noticed a tatoo of a black dragon on his neck. My mind was telling me to run but if course how could I? I could tell he was a good runner. I slowly started to back away making sure that if I had the idea of running i would have the element of surprise. But the name decided to register in my mind at that exact moment. He was one of the kids that whole town were looking for. All they found was blood but no bodies so the police came to the conclusion that they were either mauled by a bear or other wild animals or muredere and hidden. He took a step forward and i stumbled and fell over a log. He crouched down and smiled at me. I knew he was trying not to scare me but that smile of his was looking more like a warning of some sort. I scrambled up tackled him and ran for my life.

It didn't take me long to reach the old abandoned mansion that was up on the Burning hill. Dont ask me about the name because all I know is that there was a huge fire that killed 20 people in that mansion. On the other hand it didnt take Tallon too long to reach me either. This time he had reinforcement with him. The other missing people to be exact. Each carried a weapon of some sort and all together there were 5 of them. 'I dont see why you would run like that. And I have to say you're pretty good at tackling people.' He grinned. He looked at a little girl who had a cap on and jerked his chin at my direction. She giggled and sprinted towards me throwing stars in her hands. I jumped over her and threw a knife at her. It hit her on the head and she fell ont eh floor and stayed still. A boy that was definitely twice the size as me ran up with a whip. Jeez these kids had a wierd choice of weapons. His whip suddenly wrapped itself around my ankles and yanked me off balance. I cried out and looked up with just enough time to see another boy jump up in the air with a cross shaped stake 3 times the size of his own body. As I hit the floor his stake went through me and pinned me to the floor. I shrieked in pain. It was like iIwas being burned but it was worse, far worse. Through my blurred vision I saw Tallon sit down next to me and say 'I'm sorry' With what energy I had left I whispered 'You'll pay for this.' And I fell into the dark.

The End

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