Grim KarmaMature

Story of Grim's abduction and journey into the spirit world in an attempt for him to learn his lesson for binding spirits against their will. Based on characters from City of Heroes MMO with elements of the Old World of Darkness settings.

     Women's heads turned to watch the bronzed skinned, blond haired Adonis walk down the sidewalk. The royal blue tank top stretched over his muscled torso, and jeans en-wrapping his legs and ass. A wry grin was worn on his face. He oozed confidence and pride. But none of the women were the cause of it, nor would any catch his eye.

     Absently the Adonis ran a finger along the gold engagement ring. He still wasn't sure if he was dreaming when Bennett had asked him to marry him. Maybe this one would be the first to actually love him. To stay with him. Instead of abandoning him after he was done using him.

     This was the Rogue Isles though, and one did not let their mind or attention wander. Those that did often found themselves the victims of the roving gangs, or Arachnos squads patrolling the Isles. Some were victims of things far worse.

     Grimaulkin; Grim for short; never noticed as dusk turned to night. He never noticed the shadowy figure that had been trailing him since sunset. He never noticed the figure move with speed the human eye would be hard pressed to track. Nor did he notice his assailants fist connect with the side of his head until it was too late. The assailant was a large man, more muscled and taller than Grim, and he caught Grim's body with ease as it fell.

*   *   *   *   *

     Pinpoints of light stabbed at his blurry eyes, vision still swam in and out of focus. His arms were stiff from their bindings, and the musky taste of leather filled his mouth. Even his hands and fingers were bound. Whom ever had done this knew he was a mage.

     Grim's body bounced and jostled as the man ran across the terrain. Grim could feel the power of the muscles as they shifted and flexed under him. If he had been coherent he definitely would of wanted to see this man... who knows the correct words could of seduced him. The movement though made his head pound and his stomach twist in knots.

     Instinctively he reached out towards his abductor to drain his life to heal himself. Grim had learned this as rote and it made him feel almost immortal; taking the life from others to heal himself. But it failed. He wondered if he was too out of it for this simple task, but as he pondered this the man leaped and when he came down the impact drove the air from Grim's lungs and the pain and soreness took him back into unconsciousness. He would be carried across the boundaries between the world of flesh and the world of the spirit while he slumbered.

*   *   *   *   *

     Grim awoke in a new world, bindings removed and the Umbral spirit world intruding upon all his senses...

The End

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