Defiance in the Face of Authority

"Whaa...?" Grim asked, making a concerned face.

"No." Suddenly I shot up, though my towel decided to stay where it was, and grabbed the heaviest thing I could find. In the bathroom, this was somewhat limited, but I managed to grab the lid of the toilet tank and fling it at him with frightened strength.

I heard a small yelp of surprise, and the sound of porcelain breaking. An instant afterwards, there was a flash of heat that make me turn away and shield myself. The heat died down in a few seconds and I looked onward.

There, looking supremely smug, was Grim, two halves of a porcelain rectangle shattered on either side of him. He was twirling a stick attached to a crescent of pale blue steel, grinning like a fool. "Well, that was certainly new. I like you." He then looked awkward again. "Please put some clothes on?"

I felt my face flush with blood. "Sounds... yeah, good idea." I shuffled my way inelegantly past Grim while he looked to the side and stepped away.

I didn't much bother with the logic of being to clothe myself as a specter as I quickly chose my decently matching clothes. I was unsure as to where exactly we were going, so I made sure to load a bag with various items, a book, jacket, bottle of water, not to mention a small pocket knife my father had given me a few years back.

When I opened the door to Grim, who was still in the bathroom, he was saying something about how smart cars were making police chases hard to take seriously. "Right, ready to go?"

He looked up from his talk. "Mmhm,  I have to say, I can't tell whether I prefer you clothed or not."

I gave him a stern look and he laughed.

The End

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