Griffin Pass

Healers healed, be they man, beast or - other things and beings; goblins, (who usually needed it from their lifestyle) , elves, (who rarely did) or even the various intelligent beasts. But it's wise to handle their healing VERY CAREFULLY. An unwise Healer could get a bite taken out from a hungry creture. Payment could be as simple as a fresh killed game animal to a fistful of gold.
Shandra was a rarity, a traveling female healer, most females in the healing profession had a tidy practice some

Trudge trudge, the pathway rose gently up, toward the  mountains. The pass was open   rockslides and smowfall no longer a problem in this fine high summers day after the local lords had banded together to clear thepass, narrow and steep thoughit was. The trade caravan she'd travelled with had regretfully parted company with her two days ago, so she was her own pack - beast, and the cloak her family had had made foer her was her shelter, tent, night- blanket, and much else. It was fine leather on the outside, with a real silk liner, and another liner in her pack that was stout felt for the cold. The healers supplies, and her foodstuffs and such, were in the backpack, although her hunting bow was always ready. You had to eat after all, and a farm girl, (well, mostly farm-girl) was no stranger to blood. Or to hard work. Walking wasn't that hard work.

She'd graduated fifth in a class of twenty or so, lots of hard study and not a little plain work went into that. It would be dark before she reached the steps to the pass proper, but everyone knew of the cave at the bottom, paths led to it from all over. Travelers marks and signs covered parts of the walls, and there were the ashes of a fire long cold where a circle of stones was, her hair blew up in the draft. A mgood place to camp. Tomorrow she'd brave the pass, and see what lay on the other side.

The End

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