More of a Diss track or battle rap.

A selfish little prick is my take on your personality.
That you gonna get yourself shot one day is an eventuality.
Sucking others dry of happiness your a low life emotional thief.
Will make it my life's mission to fill your days with agony and grief.
Verbal diarrhea just keeps on running out your cake hole.
Get to close to me I’ll impale your ass on a fucking fence pole.
Your not going to get away for long with all your blatherskite.
Loyalty, Honor, and Respect Are your fucking kryptonite.

Go ahead and pick a fight with this lyrical Titan. 
Will be like Nemo getting asskicked by Posiden.
You will not enjoy this, probably hurt you pretty bad.
Just like your a lowly peasant and I'm the fucking Triad.
Don't go getting all bent and twisted out of shape.
Better count your lucky blessings that this once I let you escape.
Try this shit again you'll find yourself in quite a scrape.
Butthurt you so bad it'll feel like you been ass raped by a Great Ape}

You don"t have a chance in hell to even see me coming.
I take out disrespectful shits like you with expert cunning.
The bars that I drop, are right fucking tight like a virgin
Writing sick rhymes with the precision of a surgeon.
My shots are more deadlier than any trained combat sniper.
The words I spit, are more venomous than an African pit viper.
I’ll cause more fucking damage then a massive ten car pileup.
Your pitiful little world is about to get itself totally blown-up.


Not a fucking chance that I will let you try and disengage.
Because I'm an insane savage let loose on a brutal rampage.
You’ll going to end up needing way more than just a bandage.
After I finish releasing upon you all of this pent up rage.
So come here and try your disturbing inane babble out on this guy.
I'll Pull that slimy tongue right out your throat and make a necktie.
Swinging so damn hard and hitting you like im in a batting cage.
Crack you hard enough to smash to shit out of your fucking rib cage


Make those ugly fucking troll ears bleed profusely from my battle cry.
Ram my thumbs behind your eyeballs squeezing hard until they liquify.
Causing you an extreme amount of pain, anguish and damage.
Carrying on in this fight you will not be able to manage.
I will leave you turtled up and bleeding on the floor,
You’ll be Balling like a baby. Begging me, please, please no more.
Unfortunately for you a suitable example must be made.
Fuck with me you and your going to get one hell of an upbraid.



The End

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