They all come back soon enough. Geordie's the talk of the town - he managed to nick a copper's baton and smash him over the head with it. Wish I could've been there. That PC's brains splattered all across the pavement must have been a right picture. But off course I'm not there, because conveniently I got told to sod off before this all happened. So I'm sitting in the park when the news comes. When the demo finishes, the crowds are cheering for my brother. At first I'm proud of him, then I get worried. What if they know he'd done it? But then I quit worrying - after all there is no point. There were so many people there. Nobody would've noticed what Geordie got up to. Everything is ok.

Shocks comes to find me after a while. I'm just sat there, thinking. He charges up to me and gives me the news. I look blank. Of course Geordie managed to kill a cop. Geordie can do anything. It's only little Jacky who's a bugger to keep. 

The End

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