Road Trip!Mature

My heart was quickening and my eyes were wide as I stared. I felt like I had been abducted by aliens and suddenly taken to another planet. So many people, I had seen more people in the past two seconds than I had seen in my whole lifetime.

Clay was unimpressed by any of this. She began walking down the street, with me soon close to her heels. The trench coat drug onto the ground like a cape, even as I clutched it protectively around myself.

“We need to get some money for the bus.”

“What’s a bus?”

“A bus is a large vehicle that carries a large amount of people at once to different cities.”

“Oh. What’s money?”

“It’s what they use to get things. Certain objects are worth a certain amount of money and when you want that thing, you have to give someone the right amount. Don’t worry; I’ll handle all of that.” Then Clay decided to add something. “Be careful not to open the coat, or people will see your talons and that wouldn’t be good.”

We crossed the street and walked into a large crowd and my heart skipped a beat. My largest worry was that someone might brush against me and feel my wings. I was silently panicking as we pushed our way through and I held on tight to the end of Clay’s shirt until we were out.

We were able to move more freely now amongst all the lights and sounds and there was beginning to be less and less people. The crowd we had pressed through had all come from a bar.

Clay put her hand in her pocket and brought out two five dollar bills, a ten dollar bill, a twenty, and another five plus some lose change. None of these objects meant anything to me and I stared at them in wonder. I went to touch one but Clay closed her hand around them. “That is money.”

“How did you get it? You had just said that we didn’t have any.”

“I took it from people’s pockets when we were going through the crowd. We have to be careful with it because people could do the same to us. Are you hungry?”

I nodded.

Back at the lab, we’d only get fed once a day and it was always really gross soup. So, I hadn’t eaten since this morning, so I was very hungry.

“We’ll go get something good to eat.” Clay told me, sticking the money back into the butt pocket of her jeans. I really did admire her; she always knew exactly what to do.

We walked a little more until we came to a late night diner where Clay bought herself a chocolate chip muffin and me a slice of chocolate cake. I had no idea that food could taste so good. After I was finished, I stole a little piece off Clay’s muffin and surprisingly she didn’t get angry.

                Awhile later we found a bus stop and climbed aboard. According to Clay, buses were extremely cheap now because most people didn’t want to take them anymore. We rode the bus for a very, very long time.

                At the stops we would get off and get something to eat and whenever we ran out of money, Clay would steal some more. That was until we were in Ohio.

                 Well to be more exact, we were in Clayton Ohio. The bus had dropped us off right in front of a bank and unfortunately, I could tell that had given her an idea.

                “Talon, I’m going to rob that bank.” She stated matter –of – factly. 

                “What about keeping secret and lying low?”

                “Trust me ok? I’ll move so fast that they won’t even see me. Just wait in that alley for me ok?  If anything does go wrong, and I don’t think it will, go to New York without me.”

                I didn’t like that idea one bit, but I did what she told me to, not seeing any point in arguing with her. Before I knew it, she had disappeared into the large grey building. I didn’t even know what robbing a bank meant, but I knew that it probably wasn’t nice and may be dangerous to our “Lie low plan.”


                Ok, I admit I hadn’t been expecting a bank to be quite like this. It was enormous, at least two stories high. I thought I could just run in back and grab the money but there were too many people and the vaults were guarded. I didn’t know what to do, and realized that this needed much better planning. I couldn’t afford to get caught, especially not using my powers. But we really need some money if we were ever going to do anything.

                So, as I planned, I moved through the crowds picking at least ten pockets and only getting four dollars. This was very frustrating. Talon and I couldn’t afford to keep riding the bus and eat. The only time we slept was on the longer rides so we didn’t have to worry much about the cost of a hotel. I was by now, in an incredibly bad mood. I hadn’t slept well in nearly forty eight hours; I can barely get anything to eat, let alone anything for Talon too, and now my plan was all shot to hell.

                I was absolutely livid now. I knew we had to keep moving and four dollars was not enough to get all the way to Jersey City (no buses actually went into New York, we’d have to walk from Jersey City to get there).

                That’s it, I don’t care that I have to lay low, I just want to kill every mother fucker in this place and take their money. I don’t care if I have to use my powers to do it, I’m faster than all these bitches, there’s no way anyone alive can catch me.’  

                 I took off running, jumped the counter and ran into the back. Screams were trailing behind me like smoke; most people didn’t even know what had happened. Like I suspected the vaults were protected. To the guard I would be just a blur so the bullet would have come from almost nowhere. I grabbed the hand of his corpse and pressed it to the scanner and the vaults glided open.

I dashed inside and grabbed everything that I could hold. After stuffing clips of hundred dollar bills into my pockets, I took off back into the lobby, whipping past the secretary. I laughed; I was just about to escape….. that was until I was shot.  

The pain was different than any other I’d ever felt but it wasn’t the worst.  I slowed and turned around, now fully visible. The cops had showed up and I had been in such a rush I hadn’t even noticed. No matter, I would kill them just as easily as I had killed the guards at the laboratory. Though they had shot me in the shoulder, I was in a tremendous amount of pain. I dropped the money and started shooting back at them. Trying to move faster, I was dodging their bullets, but there were a lot of them and I got hit in the leg.

                “Ow, Fuck!” I shrieked in agony. I continued to shoot as I limped, until most of them were either dead or injured. I tried to run but my leg hurt too damn bad, I just couldn’t make it. I hobbled a little ways before collapsing in pain. I was extremely pissed at this point and would have mutilated anything that moved if they hadn’t twisted my arms back and roughly cuffed them together. I leapt up, not caring that my leg felt as though it was on fire even despite the flow of my cool metallic blood against the open wound.

                I turned and tried to run; moving faster than them but not nearly fast enough, they shot me again, this time in my other leg. “Fuck!” I yelled again as I hit the marble floor face first because I was unable to catch myself with my hands.

                One of the officers yanked a hold of my arms and lifted me savagely to my feet. “You’ll live.” He said gruffly before hauling me outside and shoving me into a cop car. The front steps of the bank were covered with citizens and press, all noisily bellowing their questions and flashing their cameras.

                “We are unable to comment at this time.” The police said over and over again, until we drove away, siren blaring.

                “We’re taking you to the hospital first.” The female officer said, she was also driving the car. I said nothing and continued to glare out the window. “You’re just a kid, how old are you anyway?”

                No answer but that didn’t stop the interrogation. “Where are your parents or guardian? Who’s been looking after you?”

                I glared at her in response, but that didn’t stop her either.  

                “Is there anyone we could call? You’re in a serious amount of trouble here; you killed at least ten people, attempted to rob a bank and resisted arrest.”

                “I know.” I smiled. “It was a lot of fun.” My smile was made even more sinister because my face was filthy and streaked with blood.

                “You’re sick.”

                “Am I?”

                “How did you run so fast and shoot without a gun? Why is your blood so strange?”

                “Are we almost to the hospital?” I rolled my eyes back over to the window in exasperation.  

                “You’re not going to bleed to death, if that’s what you’re wondering. You’re bleeding much too slow for that.”

                “I don’t care. These bullet wounds hurt like a bitch though.”

                “Watch your language.” She snapped.

                “No! You can go fuck yourselves, because I can say whatever the fuck I want!”

“Hey!” The other officer finally spoke up. “Don’t talk like that.”

                “Why the fuck not? I’m already going to fucking prison. Fuck, fuck, fuck, shit, damn, fuckity, fuck, fuck. I know a lot more.” I grinned. The officers looked at each other.

                “Alright, that’s enough.” They stopped me.

                “Oh contraire, there are plenty more I could recite for you if you want.”

                “Listen kid.” The male officer said. “We don’t really care about how many swear words you know. Just don’t say them, because it’s bad. Hasn’t anyone ever taught you that?”

                 I shrugged. “No.”

                “You’re one angry little kid.”

                “I sure as hell am. I’m angry and I’m blood thirsty.  The moment these cuffs come off, so will your fucking heads.” I cackled madly, throwing back my head, knowing I was scaring the shit out of them. I was impure and covered in the blood of their colleagues, my clothes were torn and I just couldn’t stop laughing. “It’ll be raining blood by the time that I’m through!”

                They pulled into the hospital and I was immediately rushed to a room and given Kevlar gloves so they could take the handcuffs off long enough to take out the bullets in my legs and shoulder.

                The doctors marveled at my blood and how it bled so slowly and was a shiny grey-crimson color. I lied when they asked about how it had gotten that way. “Birth defect,” I had said. I doubted they believed me, but they just left it alone for the moment.  

                As I lay in the hospital bed, waiting for the operation, the police talked to the doctors. “I think she should be taken to the psyche word afterwards. She’s obviously mentally unstable. She doesn’t have any family, so we don’t know who to call.” The officers began to fill the doctors in on the various known crimes I had committed. I closed my eyes and drifted off into a far less annoying state of annoying unconsciousness.

                About an hour later, I had all the bullets removed. I was bandaged up and wheeled down to the psyche word where I was going to wait for my trial.

                I fell asleep quickly, this was the first actual bed I’d been in for awhile, and woke up sometime later when a doctor walked into the room. He looked a bit nervous, even though one of my hands was handcuffed to the bedrail and both were sheathed in Kevlar.

                “I’m Doctor Max. I’m here to give you a psychic evaluation.”

                “I’ve killed ten people and loved every second of watching them die, if that makes me crazy, then I guess I’m crazy.”

                “Well not necessarily.” He said seriously, sitting in the chair beside the bed and adjusted his circular glasses. He began to hold up cards with various black blobs on them, asking me what I saw.

                “Murder, blood, brain splatter, demons, bloody hand print and a guy with a spike shoved vertically through his skull,” were my various answers. I got a disturbed look from the doctor but he continued. After a half an hour, he discovered that I really was crazy and should be in an asylum for further treatment.

                I obviously was guilty of all those crimes, but I had to have a trial anyway, because of my age and various mental problems.

                Later that night, I was just about to fall asleep again when I heard foot falls outside. The curtain shielding me from the other patients, had silhouettes of two people who were both arguing intensely.

Judging by their voices, one was probably my age and the other was somewhere around thirty.

                “I’m not crazy!” The younger one exclaimed. “I don’t know why you’re abandoning me here.”

                “Zacheus , you’re obviously mentally unstable, you stabbed someone. Don’t be so dramatic, I’ll be back tomorrow.”

                I stifled a laugh.

                “He was asking for it.” Zacheus said darkly.  I could tell I was going to get along with this boy.

                “I don’t want to argue with you anymore Zach. You’re staying here until we find out what the hell is wrong with you, and that’s final.”

                I heard the door slam and Zach yell, “Fuck you! When you come back, I’ll be gone!” His calls were useless; the man who had just left him was probably more than half way down the hall by now. The shadow of Zach sat down, and then stood up. Abruptly the curtain was snapped back, and I was face to face with Zacheus. He was slightly taller then I, with wavy black hair that went just passed his shoulder. He wore only black; a black guns and Roses t-shirt, black leather jacket, black fingerless gloves and black trip pants accompanied by black buckled boots. The only color was the roses and letters on his shirt and the silver chains on his pants. I found his eyes most striking of all; twilight purple with a bright mischievous glint.

                “What the fuck happened to you?” He asked, looking me up and down. “You look worse than the kid I just stabbed.”

                “I tried to rob a bank.” I said simply.

                “They think you’re crazy too?” He walked around and sat onto the chair beside my bed.

                “They know it. I just killed ten people with a smile on my face.” I was smiling now.

                “You were that girl on the news! I saw that this afternoon. Wow, nice to meet you, I admire your work.” He stuck out his hand and I shook it. Normally I wouldn’t have, but this guy seemed pretty cool. “I’m Zacheus but everyone just calls me Zach.”           

                “I’m Clay.”

                “Wow, you wiped them out! They showed the footage from the banks security camera. The part where you killed that guy and used his hand to get through the scanner was pure genius!”

They must have put the video onto slow motion or else I wouldn’t have been visible’ “Thanks.” I said. “Why’d you stab that guy?”

                “The dude was taking money from a bunch of little kids so I attempted to slit his throat but ended up just stabbing him in the side.”

                “Classic Robin Hood.” I said.

                “Not really. He Stoll from the rich and gave to the poor. I just stab thieves when I come across them.” He smiled. “I’m technically a thief myself, but there are just some people you don’t steal from, you know?”

                 I nodded even though I didn’t know. “We should totally get out of here. Do you want to come with me to New York?”

                “You better believe it.” He grinned.

The End

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