GREY. otherwise known as The Robins Egg.Mature

A girl wakes up in an unknown place unable to move.
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Grey. The color of old scuffed metal. A worn horseshoe. The scratched face of a nickel. It was the first thing I saw and it filled my entire field of vision, an endless grey undulating and shifting with the breeze. Fading from a harsh almost black to softer and knitted with white. My back was pressing into little hard lumps with sharp edges, a surface I could only assume was gravel. My body was not responding to my desperate orders to move so I could only guess at my surroundings. My wrist brushed a few blades of rough grass. Remnants of some long forgotten wild desperately clinging to life, bursting out of the earth and cracking the hard concrete. I tilted my head back, rolling my eyes up in my head to broaden my field of view. Thin, high fingers of metal reached far into the air, shining even in the dull faded light. Smoggy hints of clouds dragged across the surface of the buildings at the very top, back and forth, back and forth. All of them looked the same with no distinguishing features or colors. Endless windows all the same reflecting another building exactly the same in it’s surface. The sky was filled with them and they blocked out what little the sun might be shining. It appeared to be just on the edge of some heavy rain. A deep darkness that rolled in from behind, a feeling of enclosure as the clouds dropped down to the rooftops. I could hear the sounds of the vehicles, and smell the dingy steam coming out of the subway tunnels off in the distance. Someone would have to find me sooner or later, I could hear the motor of their world working nearby. Just out of reach. I flexed my fingers and tried to move each of my arms around me in a half circle, feeling for anything useful laying in the rocks. My legs were less cooperative so I left them be for the time being. I tried to roll over slightly, at least if only from my torso up so get a better view around me, to find some clue for where I might be. All I had gathered so far is that I was in a city… somewhere. I could be in a different country for all I knew as I had not heard anyone  talk or read any signs… that I could remember anyway. Who knows how long I had been laying like this, or what had brought me to this spot. I would like to say a million ideas were rushing through my head and names and faces were being flipped through at warp speed, like my own mental rolodex, but that was not the case. Maybe it was an effect of whatever I had endured but I was having trouble thinking of even one good reason why I could possibly be laying on my back in an alley? Parking lot? Construction site? In the middle of god knows where. Although I guess no reason would be a good reason to the victim right?

I must have passed out at some point, chewing over my options, looking up into the unchanging sky. I woke to the sound of a siren rushing off on some street nearby. The white that had laced it’s way into a small corner of the sky earlier had long sense disappeared and the blackness was now overwhelming. It was an undisturbed thick black, matte and unblemished with aircraft or celestial bodies. I felt as if a light would turn on at any moment and uncover what laid behind the dark. I had no idea how much time had passed and I was feeling dizzy and disoriented. A cool breeze was blowing the bottom lip of my shirt up over my stomach exposing my skin to the night. My socks felt damp in my shoes and I was desperately wishing I had worn a jacket, or maybe I had but it was no longer with me. My leg twitched and I felt a jolt go from my knee to my hip. I could wiggle my toes slightly now and it appeared I was regaining the strength in my arms, albeit slowly. I twisted my arms palms down and brought them out into crucifix formation. Slowly trying to pull my elbows in to prop myself up, I was weak but any glimpse into the surrounding area could prove life saving. My arms were shaking intensely as I tried to even my body weight out between them as steadily as I could while peering into the blackness. Red letters, neon bright flashing on some worn brick face. The back of an old club or specialty shop perhaps. The sign read, The Robins Egg, with egg lighting off and on one letter at a time.

The End

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