Chapter 1, Page 3Mature

I did think of ending my life a few times. But I believed there was something more for me. I believed there was hope, happiness waiting somewhere. Then as I walked back home I saw him again. He was drowning a child in a fountain.

I told my father I couldn’t take it anymore. He understood. He was saddened that I would have to leave, but he understood. I called Grey Hills, and told them I was ready to join their institute.

Here I was. Seventeen, nearly eighteen. Giving up on leading a normal life. I was going to get into my father’s car into a few minutes. Exceptionally, my mother was there as well. They chatted quietly in the living room, waiting after me. Quietly, I said goodbye to my room and left. My parents grew silent as they saw me come in, dragging my luggage behind me.

My father jumped to help me with it. We all hugged silently, and got slowly got in the car like my parents were driving me to my death. I covered my ears with my headphones, and started listening to my favorite music. I tried to relax. It wasn’t that big a deal. I was just going where I belonged. Just going to the looney bin.

The End

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